Salso flip-lock seat post clamp

I want to ge a salsa flip-lock clamp for my 05 Kh 24", but do i get it in 30.00 or 28.6mm?

Neither… 27.2

The seatpost collars are measred at the diameter of the frame and not the diameter of the seatpost.

Take the frame to a bike shop. They’ll have callipers to accurately measure the diameter of the neck of the frame. Then you’ll know what size to get and the bike shop can order it for you right there or they may even have that size in stock.

For a KH 05 you would need a 30.8

I mean 31.8:)

So there is no quik release seat post clamps i can get?

The Salsa Flip-Lock is quick release. It comes in 28.6, 30.0, 32.0, 35.0 or 36.4 mm sizes. Looks like the 32.0 mm size will fit given the info by uniMcPeat, but I’d still verify with a set of callipers first. Collar sizes don’t have to be exact like the seatpost sizes need to be. A 32.0 collar will fit on a 31.8 frame. Cinching them down takes up the slack.

slightly off topic question. does anyone know frame size of a norco muni?

it is definatly not the 28.6