salsa quick release

Does anybody know if the salsa quick-release seatpost clamp will fit the 2006 24 " torker dx? UDC has two sizes, but I’m not sure if either will fit. Does anyone use this particular clamp, and if so, what is your opinion of it? How is it any better/stronger than the typical type (chrome) quick-release clamp that comes standard on the Sun 28" unis? Thanks!


This is THE clamp. No longer the only one (Azonic has a similar one out), but still the best. Far better than the Sun in every way.

I don’t know if there is a size that will fit the DX, though I’m guessing there is. What’s the OD of your seat tube?

go to a bike shop for small parts like thats…i have a Salsa Flip-Off/Lock on a uni with a 25.4 post so i know one of the sizes will work.

whats so good about it? is it better than a non quick release?

You don’t need to bring an allen wrench with you when ever you go riding. It is easier to move your seat and stuff. The salsa is probably the strongest and holds the seat in place better than all the other crappy QR clamps.

It is also much more sleak, and therefore not as bulky as other more dangerous clamps

Are QR clamps OK for trials stuff?

I’ve been using a double bolt clamp and my seat always used to twist :stuck_out_tongue:

They dont look bad, if you get the right size for your DX, then go for it.

As for the bringing the allen wrench with me, usually if I wreck, i catch the uni, or never let go so the seat and the uni dont crash down, and I have my post clamp on tight enough that the seat cant twist, seriously, if you try to twist the seat right now, its either gonna rip the saddle off, or put so much force into the seat tube that it will snap off at the welding, and with it that tight, there’s no need to bring an allen wrench.

I’ve been using the standard aluminium QR for muni for ages and that’s been fine. The cheap steel one was strong enough while it lasted, but it broke through fatigue in the end.


The lever looks a little long, like it would poke you in the leg if you were near to it.

Rock on!

The Salsa is good but it wears out much too fast. I go through three a year, which is BS. They gotta make the hinge/round part out of more durable steel or something. Unlocking and locking is what wears the thing out.


Grit is the enemy of the cam surface on the Flip-Lok. If you keep it cleaned out and lubed with a dab of grease or anti-sieze it can last a long time. My first one wore out fairly quickly, but I have been on my second one for several years now by taking care of it. Actually, I seldom adjust my seat hieght anymore, but I still don’t want a clamp that requires a tool.

Remember that if JL only goes through 3 of something a year, it’s pretty tough. He is not exactly easy on his equipment. :slight_smile: