SA'll Good - South Australian unicycle Vid

Here is a small street/trial/flat unicycle video from us SA riders. Riders include: Tirryn Nankivell, Brandon Nankivell, Jack Mildude and Jock Girvan. Special thanks to Jock for editing this video with his busy schedule, even though the edit has been rushed. Everyone enjoy!:smiley:

but its a crappy edit :frowning: next vid will be better. trust me.

Really nice!!!

Yeeeee sweet vid! Love your style Brandon, keep riding. The blind handrail was SWEET!!! Round rails are sooo much easier front footed eh? Thats how I do them too.

Cool video! You guys are all really good!

Thanks. Round rails being easier front footed? Hmm. I can sorta see where you are coming from, grinding round rails with back foot is a little hard to control but front foot just feels weird but it slides better, I would have to experiment more to decide which is better >.<

Hey, I liked the edit!

Jack, your trials is getting really good and you are still my coasting rival :stuck_out_tongue:

Tirryn, I loved the line with the trey, so nice.

Jack, Your crankflips are looking great, have you taken them off anything yet?

Brandon, such a sweet grind! :smiley:

Eck, typo. Sorry Jock, I typed your name as Jack :o

Its a lot better trust me :stuck_out_tongue: I have good experience with front and back foot grinds now. If you practice frontfoot you’ll understand what I mean. I used to be so jealous at front footers, but now it doesn’t matter cause I can do both :stuck_out_tongue: Not thaaaaaaaat confident with front foot, but getting there.