Salem World Beat Festival

funny thread title eh?,well thats what the city likes to call it.the only beat going on was about 20 hippies (not the real hippies,the young punks who like to dress like hippies) banging a THUD THUD THUD THUD THUD THUD on thier flat Dunbecks.

there was some good Klezmer there though.

anyway,DudleyDoRide and I desended on the final Sunday hours of this thing.

we rode around for about an hour and took a couple of pic’s but there isnt much to do and i got booted from one of the best not so skinny,skinnies.about 8 inches

the pictures are in two galleries,each with differant captions.what a maketing ploy.

Hmmmm…? 2 galleries,but three careful…

door #1 door #2 Door #3

Wow, I can see through links! (by looking at the bottom left side of my browser)

It looks like lots of fun.


is that your Surly Crosscheck bike behind you in this picture??

Just thought you guys might have pulled the uni’s down there in the bike trailer.

Great pictures by the way.


yep thats the Surley,in all of its olive drabbyness.i pulled my kid and the Summit down there,DDR lives farther away and drove to meet us.

I always figured you to be the Surly type. You don’t drive and you drink PBR, that’s a Surly rider if I ever met one. Dave Gray from Surly bikes has a muni, but he doesn’t ride it much. He rode mine a little at last years “Homey Fall Fest”. He says he wants to bring out a Surly muni that is cheap and bomber.

Surly rules!!