Sale - what to expect

So…the big sales are coming up in a few months. Is there a “usual discount” or has it been all over the board in the last few years?

I’m hoping for another sale on the 36ers. I wasn’t confident enough to try one last year, but now am looking at adding one to the stable. Even better yet, a new model with a frame mounted Shimano brake and on sale… a man can dream right?

FYI: last sale I saw the prices were 10% off

What time of year do these sales typically occur? I’m eyeing at least one uni.

The Black Friday sale was really good in my first year of unicycling, 2013. They’ve had events in the two years since then that, in my recollection, weren’t as stellar; ie I bought a unicycle during the 2013 sale and haven’t in the two that followed. They’ve been popping up in late November. So that’s about 8 weeks of lovely fall riding you’re passing up if you wait it out from now. Still better than buying a unicycle at full price the week before of course.

Also make sure to check out different UDC sites in different countries. The US based site is great, but I’ve also done business with the UK store and gotten some great deals. Just make sure to find out how much your credit card company charges for foreign transaction fees.

For sure! The UDC UK folks are very well prepared for international orders; just email for a quote with shipping and without VAT. I have parts that there on several of my unicycles. I’ve also been very happy purchasing from Goudurix in Montreal, some great Qu-Ax closeout deals from them, so that’s another one to watch.

Thanks all…

…for the insights.

On another note I discovered a unique way to contribute to my “unicycle fund” – it may take a while, but will eventually work.

I’ll be searching out the credit card offers that give me money for signing up… accrue a few of those along with the upcoming sale… and before you know it is emailing me a tracking number. :smiley: (US) is currently having a modest sale on Nimbus Mountain bikes (not Oracle) of $20 off. Hey, it’s something.

lol, I chuckled when I saw the price off. It’s around 5%. Granted, the 29er (non-oracle) was already a smokin’ deal.

Any ideas when sales would start? I’m planning to get something from UDC UK, but maybe it’s worth waiting a bit and trying to catch some sale.

Yeah i’d love to know as well. Planning on an order in the next couple days, wondering if I should wait.


Cyber Weekend – sometime around Thanksgiving.

Christmas Sale.

Those are the big ones…

UDC UK has some Christmas offers already on their home page.


Anybody pick something up during the sale this weekend?
I decided on a Nimbus 27.5… arrives Wed… all are very excited to see the Fedex truck :smiley:

got a new seat post… free shipping! yeah baby!

unfortunately that’s about the best deal I saw

I ordered a 2014 KH 29" frame from Compulsion for $100. I’ll move my 26" muni wheel from a seasoned Nimbus frame to the new frame. Maybe all my shortcomings will evaporate with a slightly lighter frame. I like the idea of having future flexibility with 29" wheel/brake/geared hub.

I got me the Nimbus Bling for £200, a saving of £35 :slight_smile: