[Sale/Trade] Sweet Seat

Here it is: Kinport Handel, Kinport Bumper, Myatia base, GB4 Plate, Myatia rail Adaptor, Myatia Cover, Pyrmid ALU seat post 27.2 (KH), and Cut down KH foam.
A $158 value for only $115. I am looking for a CF base if you have one to trade or KH gel if you want to lower the price. PM me or AIM KacTheAce

is it actually signed by kris holm>?

Ya it is.(I’m his brother)

I’ll buy the Kinport handle (and bumper if you’re only selling the set). PM me if you’re interested.

I would like to sell the whole thing.


How did you get -2 on that assignment!?!?!?!

Hey catboy…what are you talking about?

hes on drugs again… nice saddle tho

I missed:
b=4m,h=3m,A=_______ and A=h devided by 2 (b1+b2)
h=7,b=9 and 13
I got an 88 and a LABELS!!

Your Kris Holms brother?

no. he’s KCtheAcy’s brother, i think… his post was out of context.

(oh noes! i’m turning into an Aelery(sp?) Jr!!! AAA!!!)
(no offense ma’am. wit armed with good grammar is a very useful item.)

No. KCtheacy’s brother.

Anyone have a CF base to trade?

(this is my seat, my brother posted it for me)

PM Sent!