SALE: Intense 24 X 3.0 Tires for $25 & Tubes for $6!!!

uniproshop is having a MOAB sale for the Intense 24 X 3.0" Tires and the Downhill Intense Tubes. You don’t have to be going to MOAB to get the special sale prices and I will only be bringing a couple of the tires and tubes with me to MOAB for prizes as I don’t have room so if you want any, you’ll have to order it and have it shipped. Order within the next day or two and you can get it in time for MOAB.

The Intense 24 X 3.0" Tire is on sale for $25 until the end of MOAB (March 29th) or until we run out as there are not many left. It is a superb tire and you can do a search on the forums and find all the people that have posted good things about these great tires. I personally think they are better than the Duro Wildlife Leopard Tires that are currently selling for $50 on UDC. That’s a 50% savings!!! The Intense Tire lasts longer, has great grip and has a strong sidewall which makes it the all around mountain unicycle tire good for cross country, technical downhill, uphill climbing and big drops!

The DH Intense Tube is on sale for $6 until the end of MOAB (March 29th) or until supplies last. The original price of these tubes are $13 so that is over 1/2 off! If you have ever had problems with pinch flats or any other type of flats, this is the tube for you! It is a nice thick tube that should last for years.

The uniproshop website will be updated soon that reflects this sale but for now the best way to order is to send an email to info at uniproshop dot com. In the email, include the quantity of what you’d like and your address. I will then send you an invoice with the total including shipping via paypal. As soon as I receive payment I will ship it out to you. Shipping for anywhere in the US will be $16 for one tire and/or tube and $19 for two tires and/or tubes. Cheers!

WOW! That’s HALF the cost of a Duro on UDC! And the Intense is so much better and lasts much longer too! Jamey, is there limit to how many one person can buy? I thought the price before was low, but $25 is as low as it gets! Awesome deal Jamey! :smiley:

I’m probably gonna get one or two of these with one or two tubes. I’ll let you know soon. What a great price!

8 Days Left and Counting…

Just packing my car, getting ready to go to Moab! That means only 3 days left till the sale is over and the price jumps back up to $35 a tire instead of $25. Email me at info at uniproshop dot com if you’d like one or two or three and I’ll mail it when I return on Tuesday. Cheers and see some of you tomorrow at MOAB 2009!!!