(Sale) BC Wheel with EB Plates.

So I don’t ride my BC Wheel often and I would rather have some cash.
It’s brand new as far as wear and tear is concerned.

I have an offer of $120 CAD on it, if someone can give me $120 CAD for it before the offer goes through then it’s theirs.

It’s a Joy-Tech hub, 48 spokes, Alex Y22 Rim, Primo Comet Tire, Custom made EB Plates (Made by me, with thicker metal than Evan uses, .085" instead of .035")

Also possible to get a Kenda Fireball tire for it, 20x3, if you prefer.

what would shipping be to new mexico?

Area code?


Costs quite a bit, $50 CAD roughly.

Purolator says $25~, but does not ask for package dimensions.

dang i was hopping for around 20 something

What’s the cost to ship to Tulsa OK 74137?

I’ll send $100 USD delivered. Who cares how it gets here.

that is only 116.591 candain and he said shipping would be around 50"to me but we live fairly close" and 120 for the bc.

I have no clue how Unicycle.com mailed me a Torker DX for $24~

But it’s going to cost me so much more to mail just a wheel… rediculous.

I just did a price quote from Hamilton, Ontario to Tulsa Oklahoma to my workplace and the total cost for a 15 lb. item in a box size 22 inches x 22 x 8 inches with a declared value to $50 CAD is $24.74. With $100 USD, that’s pretty much right on the $120 CAD money.

I guess I can just get a new impossible or (BC) wheel off Unicycle.com No big deal either way.

I think maybe it’s cursed, and when I type that info into their website that it automatically doubles…

But really… which currency is it showing you for the shipping?

Pricing is probably different in Canada than in the US.

It says CAD for shipping currency. No big deal. I’ll pick one up somewhere else. Life’s to short and too good to get worried about the little things.

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well i live in guelph so shipping is cheaper, i might just pick it up, im considering it, whats the time limit?

I once got a torker TX giraffe shipped from california to the UK for $30, shipping costs are wierd…


Art for you guys.

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art? looks like a close up photograph.

calculating shipping cost on internet really sucks. Here is what it cost me for shipping a BC wheel to florida with standard UPS delivery. The guy at the UPS store told me it was NOT really good calculating stuff on the internet.

Internet ( on UPS web site) : 35$… including the box

At the UPS store: 96$ !

sorry i think im going to stick to uni for now.

This is a Trading forum, didn’t ask for an opinion thanks.

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