SALE! 24in Dx 06, and 24in Dx 05. Plus more parts!

I wish the hub wasn’t bent, I might have tried to save up to buy them.

are you gonna go for the 24" or the 26"?

24 Ive actually never ridin a 26 :smiley: lol I need to stil be able to do some trials on it too though…

how mutch fore the fraim

Well im not sure it cost me 50 and its barely used 35 maybe >?

What do you want for the 2005 torker?

well seeing how they are both in close to equal conditions 150 fer either uni…giver take :wink:

  1. Do you mean $150 for this uni?
  2. Is the bent axle noticeable?

How much for the unistar frame i have been looking for a frame with a flat crown

please tell me you are a rookie or are just joking. you would be buying something garunteed to break. all dx frames except maybe the 07 will break in usually less than 4months to a year

But you have 4 month to a year to ride it til it does break :wink: But the 05 torker and the 06 torker are 150 ta best offer mates. If ya want the 06 frame its like 30-40 B O bro

Edit: The 05 has no bent axle or bent anything other than my mod seat post. Everything on the 05 is good, cept the seat post :wink:

the 06 bent axle looks a lil noticible as you can see, not too bad though, as you can see ;). but I dont notice it riding…

How much for the 05 DX with the nimbus frame?
Also how much would shipping be to zip code 49418?

looking at your ol’ LX there…
how mooch?

Well im not sure how to figure it out :frowning: My zip code is 92371 Southern cali…But it would be 150 plus shipping if I can figure it out, I am guessing it will be like $25. il sell the 06 frame on my dx06 I guess…

Well I was thinkin 45-50 plus shippin again :smiley:

how much would you sell just the cranks on that hub/crankset?

Umm they are 127mm not bent, $35?

Which should I get the 05 or the 06?

hmmm…ill take em. pm me.