SALE! 24in Dx 06, and 24in Dx 05. Plus more parts!

Torker blowout :stuck_out_tongue:
Well im upgrading munis to get a trackmonster from koxx. So im sellin my ole munis and torkersā€¦Well I have a 24in dx 06 and 05.

The 2006 Torker,
Well I have done some magic on this beast so its a lil seasoned I wont lieā€¦This is it in action last CMW

I still use it for muni, I just want a monster not a beast :wink: Butā€¦Of course with my history you know theres somethin gonna be wrong it lol. Well the cranks are actually straight The right axle is a smiggion off though so it makes em look a lil bent. THe Jimmy C pedals are a lil bent too :-(. The rim is in need for a truing, but I just got some new spokes in it so it has all 48. It has a mod seatpost as you can tell but its a lil bent toward the baseā€¦But its like what $12 for a new regualr one. Ok good things, lol. It has a nimbus frame on it, but if you want I have a new 06 frame, I rode on it for maybe 2 days til my nimbus one came in. Its got all 48 spokes ;-). Lol im not sure an offer so post one or PM meā€¦hers some pics of the beast

You can but the frame seperatly if anyone wants it, or if someone wants the dx with this frame then I will sell the nimbusā€¦

The 2005 Torker

Well this one only has one problem cause I didnt ride it that much:-D I took it to CMW 2 years ago and bent the seat post. it now also has a stiff stick on it like my other muni, but the post itself is a bent, but again 12 from UDC is a new oneā€¦ I dont have any fully built pics of it cause I am lazy so here are some part picsā€¦

frame and wheelset(cranks are leaning against the tires and both bolts are taped one :wink:

the saddle has some scrapes on the front off courseā€¦

and it comes with perfectly straight try all pedalsā€¦

2006 trials hub and cranksetā€¦

Well the cranks are seriously brand new, but I bent the axle slightly with my last set of cranksā€¦so the right axle is not perfectly straight, but the cranks are perfectā€¦

And last and yeah prolly least :wink: Torker LX 24inā€¦

Well its seasoned again. The cranks are bent, and the seat post bracket ontop is tilted forward a lil bitā€¦

Well thats my garage saleā€¦tell me what you guys think?

I think they need to be given a decent burial.

is the 05 bent or anything?

Lol as for Tholub they are cheap :wink:

and Skrobo the only thing bent on it is the seat post, everything else is great :smiley:

I wish the hub wasnā€™t bent, I might have tried to save up to buy them.

are you gonna go for the 24" or the 26"?

24 Ive actually never ridin a 26 :smiley: lol I need to stil be able to do some trials on it too thoughā€¦

how mutch fore the fraim

Well im not sure it cost me 50 and its barely used 35 maybe >?

What do you want for the 2005 torker?

well seeing how they are both in close to equal conditions 150 fer either uniā€¦giver take :wink:

  1. Do you mean $150 for this uni?
  2. Is the bent axle noticeable?

How much for the unistar frame i have been looking for a frame with a flat crown

please tell me you are a rookie or are just joking. you would be buying something garunteed to break. all dx frames except maybe the 07 will break in usually less than 4months to a year

But you have 4 month to a year to ride it til it does break :wink: But the 05 torker and the 06 torker are 150 ta best offer mates. If ya want the 06 frame its like 30-40 B O bro

Edit: The 05 has no bent axle or bent anything other than my mod seat post. Everything on the 05 is good, cept the seat post :wink:

the 06 bent axle looks a lil noticible as you can see, not too bad though, as you can see ;). but I dont notice it ridingā€¦

How much for the 05 DX with the nimbus frame?
Also how much would shipping be to zip code 49418?

looking at your olā€™ LX thereā€¦
how mooch?

Well im not sure how to figure it out :frowning: My zip code is 92371 Southern caliā€¦But it would be 150 plus shipping if I can figure it out, I am guessing it will be like $25. il sell the 06 frame on my dx06 I guessā€¦

Well I was thinkin 45-50 plus shippin again :smiley:

how much would you sell just the cranks on that hub/crankset?