sailing unicycling

this year our summer video was made by a german TV Team.
including some unicycling:D

cheers jogi

Sehr cooler Film!:slight_smile:

That’s an interesting lifestyle. And again the old 'bikes aren’t allowed but there’s nothing against unicycles! ’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Must get back to studying German. Good movie anyway. Thanks.

Yeah luckily German is a lot like Dutch. Interesting vid.

Schön euch beiden mal bei eurem Leben zuzusehen.

p.s.: für meinen Geschmack hätte es auch ein bisschen mehr Einrad sein können… :smiley:


Sehr schönes und inspirierendes Video - Kompliment!:slight_smile:

Sehr cool! Great lifestyle, it makes me jealous :sunglasses:

Oh you’ve seen nice places! And Triton all over the place …

You go pretty low on the protective gear, I don’t think I’ll ever ride the 36 without wrist guards again.

thank you,

we do our best to make you jealous:D