Safety Gear?

Does anyone know of a good website or even maybe a store front that carries quality leg protection (some sort of shin guards) as well as wrist guards and a helmet. Any advice would help. I would like to get a little more protection before I start pushing harder


armor for unicycle – has it.

The direct link on UDC is:

But if you’d rather shop at physical storefront, any sporting goods store will carry helmets and wrist protect. The wrist protection is usually sold for the rollerblading sport. You can try Sports Authority, Dick’s Sporting Goods, REI, and Big5 to name a few.

For shin guards, you will probably need to shop online unless you buy soccer gaurds which don’t cover as much area.

One bit of advice on the wrist guards… I recommend getting the full wrist cover guards that “Rollerblade” brand makes or the “Boneshieldz Elite on UDC. The other style offered by many other brands with the single piece of angled plastic. These models can snap after arresting a fall, and regardless, will not prevent breaking your wrist.

thank you for you information.

I wouldn’t buy your helmet from UDC though, the Skid Lidz are kind of small and don’t cover much of the head as normal skate helmets do. buy a TSG helmet from amazon or at your local shop.

how many unicyclists are in your area? I used to live in largo, but I don’t remember any unicyclists.