Safety Gear

Do you think that safety equipment like knee pads and helmets is useful when doing trials unicycling? What are the pros and cons? Does it restrict your movements? Does it really help if you have an accident? I know, theoretically yes, but I’d like to hear some first hand experience stories.

I’m thinking of getting myself KH gloves, shinguards and a helmet. Possibly knee-pads. What would be your advice? Is that what I need for trials? I’m still learning to ride yet, but I want to be well-equipped when I’ll need to be.

i wouldnt have any skin on the front of my shins if it werent for my shinguards.

i’ve smacked the crap out of my helmet, which is good because it’s saved my head a few times.

i wear gloves beacuse when i fall off my hands usually scrape the ground and it stings real bad and gloves stop it.

i’d say get the shin pads (six six ones are good i hear), definatly a helmet and gloves are nice to have.

I got my first trials about a month ago. I had never worn any pads except my helmet once in a while. When I first got the uni I took the pedal pins out, while I got used to riding it. Monday I put the pins back in and when for a ride. I came to a set of 6 stairs that I have tried hopping up before (one at a time). I hopped onto the first, then the second, and then the third. But I lost my balance on the third. As I was hopping off the back of the uni, like I normally do, my right foot hung on the pins bringing the left pedal slamming into my shin. I had a huge knot on my leg and deep gashes from the pins, ouch. People already warned me about wearing shin gaurds but I did not listen.

On the way home I got a flat. I patched the tube but a day later it was flat again. Then I went to Walmart and bought a new tube and some of that slime stuff that is supposed to fix flats. I used the slime and it worked. Good thing because trials tires are hard to get on and off!

I ordered some 661 4X4’s (shin and knee guards) from for $20. I got them yesterday and went riding. They are going to take a bit of getting used to and are a little hotter than I would like, but I will wear them from now on. Their not that bad. Also, I think I ride more agressively with them on(which still isnt that aggressive). I made I up the stairs!

From now on its leg armor and a helmet anytime I ride trials/street.

the only safty thing i use is sixsixone leg guards… they are a MUST for learneing for trials and street… at first i used to only use the leg guards when i was infront of my house learning new tricks, but now i wear them almost everytime i ride.

661 4 by 4’s, helmet, and gloves. ankle supports can be nice too.

661 Leg Guards

I learn without any protective equipment but I’ve gathered pads until I have
661 leg pads, leather gloves and a helmet.

661 Pads are very protective, there’s not need to worry about your legs when you’re wearing them.
They are also rediculously hot. My legs are steaming after about 20 minutes of wearing them. They also smell rather bad eventually, though you can just chuck them in the shower to wash off.

[COLOR=Black]It’s definately worth wearing leg pads when learning unispins and crankflips, tricks that make your legs very vunerable to pedal bites. I don’t think it’s necessary to wear them all of the time, especially when they’re making you so uncomfortable (with heat) that they’re ruining your ride.

Hope this helps,

I swear by the 661 knee/shin guards!!!

I have been doing trials for about 6-7 months now, and I am very glad about the 661 guards. I also ahve ankle biter that I always wear. They save your legs from smahing into rocks, falling down stairs, pedal strikes, everything!

One time I tried to do a side hop down a six set, which I do pretty regulary now, but my tire folded over the stair when I compressed and I flew off with the uni tangling in my legs, and I crashed down hard on my knees. Thank god for the pads, because; 1. I bearly felt the impact cause of the cushioning, and 2. There was no scrapes, so I got up and tried it agian and got it.

There has been lots of times when doing some steep lines where I had to jump off the uni and get smashed by some rocks, but luckily I had my shin guards on. Plus, the countless pedal strikes from slipping on a line or doing some street tricks.

I also heard of a guy on here who did a gap but slammed his shin onto the edge of a concrete ledge and it snapped his 661 in half, that probably would of been his leg snapping if he didnt have his 661s.

The 661s, they are very comfy, I dont even notice them when I ride, they dont restrict your movement or flexability, and they add to your confidence which is a plus, and they look cool! They do get hot, but I dont even notice how hot or sweaty I get until I get home. They are also washable, I throw mine into the washer with a small amount of soap, and have the settings on a light load. Then, let them air dry.

I was just outside a second ago and I smashed my shin into a pallet. I wasn’t wearing my 661s.

I regret it.

Ok, they look stupid and yes they are very hot but without them, accidents are bound to hurt.

661s aren’t the only available leg guards. If I were to buy leg guards again I’d buy these


The first time I rode my newly upgraded Muni I went without my 661s with the belief that I was going to take it easy. I did a small drop for the first time with no worries about my rim (replaced my busted Nimbus rim for a Surly LM), and enjoyed it so much I tried it again. Second time I botched the landing and got pedal slapped. If I had been hit in the front of the leg instead of the back, my kneecap would have taken the blow. I always wear them now…

Whoops - here is the damage…

Pedal Slap.jpg

I always, Always ware my 4x4 when doing trials or MUni, I don’t think there is any question weather to ware them or not. unless you are 300% sure you won’t crash. during the begining of the summer my habit started to fade of waring them. then I had a crash that clawed my leg to bits and I’m still picking at scabs. so the moral of the story is ware your shinnys

Are there any leg pads that aren’t as hot as 661s?

Here’s my philosophy on the matter: Whatever bones are in the basic “break-zone”, should be protected! For me this means the whole enchilada. Protection for Head, hands, wrists, forearms, elbows, shins, knees, ankles, feet.
Yeah, that’s a lot of stuff to put on every time I ride, but the old adage is true; Better SAFE than SORRY!:slight_smile:

I went to my local Bike Shop last week and looked at some safety gear I bought Raceface leg and knee armour and Roach Arm and Elbow Armour I also ordered some 661 Ankle Biters the leg armour saved me from a pedal bite or two already I just got the Arm stuff in today and the Ankle biters are late, I still need a new helmet though because my currnet one is on its last legs, I barely notice my Raceface stuff and it is amlost exactly like the 2006 661 4X4s.

i wear 661 racing knee/shin pads. they are good cause they are really light weight, they cover my whole lower leg area and they dont rescrict movment. i use golves because when i fall i usually fall on my hands and get scraps which sting like crap. then occassionally i wear a helmet. but i have never fallen on my head hard enough for it to hurt.