Safety Gear

Hi All,

I am a new muni rider. Looking to suit up with some knee/shin and forearm armor. If anyone has anything they are looking to sell. Thanks!


Welcome to the forums and muni Jamie. Just a suggestion but it is probably helpful if you let everyone know what size you are looking for…or your approximate size.

Oh ok, thanks! wasn’t sure if it was one size fits all or not. I am def. a MEDIUM.

I got some MED specialized summer gloves and some generic fox shin guards.

Hey knox,

i am good on gloves… and I am looking more of a full shin/ knee armor but thanks much for the reply

I got some shin knee guards

I have a medium set of 661 leg armour that I don’t use. I only used them part of one winter (in snow so they didn’t even get dirty) until I got a set that fit (large). They are in near new shape.

Yours for $40 + shipping

hey eric, what do they look like… I found a few dif ones online trying to figure which ones they r, thanks, j

661 Leg Armors

Hey Eric,

If those 661 leg armors don’t sell to the original poster… I’ll take them off of your hands. I can do personal check or PayPal.

Jamielleissow… A set of those new are $80. $40 is a great deal if you’re looking for leg armor. 661 is one if not THE top uni safety gear. This is YOUR thread so you have first dibs on these puppies… but I am standing by.


They used to be the standard leg armour for unicycling. I tried to find a pic online and it looks like they aren’t being made any more.

The are the old 4x4 guards with black plastic under the outer shell instead of red like the pictures. Other than that I think they are identical.

Looks like they were cheeper than I remember too (or as a canadian I payed a heavy premium) I don’t think I am going to change the price though since they are in very good condition.

Send me you address (or just postal/zip code) in a PM and I will give you a shipping quote. I am heading back to work on Wednesday so would like to have this done before then.

If you don’t want them let me know, looks like Biped wants to jump on them if you don’t.

Hey Eric,

I def want them, thanks! Shipping is to 230 Gallant Fox Lane, wEbster, NY 14580, let me know shipping cost can take care of it paypal or check or whatever works for you asap, thanks,


Hey Eric,

I know I JUST said I wanted the gear 5 seconds ago, but if you want to sell to Biped please go ahead. I just checked my direct messages and got one from someone from where I live with pads that will work, so no shipping cost, thanks I appreciate it