Safety Exuipement

Hey everyone. With the summer comming, I was in the market for some uni safety gear. What shoes, guards, helmets, pad, ect. Do you recommend?
I’ve been riding with a bike helmet, and it’s worked fine. Are skid-lids (skateboarding helmets) any better?

Thanks again!

P.S. The Uni Game is comming along. I’d say 25% done.

And yes, I know I spelled equipement wrong! :frowning:

I wear a Protec helmet (skate style) I got it for cheap and its got more room for stickers than bike helmets.

I wear some vintage 1990 rollerblade wrist guards with Fox Sidewinder gloves

And then My Custom Roach DS leg armor (no plastic in the knee)

Its a winning combintaion for me.

Mr Nutz

Strike two!

I personally am looking at getting some new pads and Ive been looking at this new bikers helmet made by Briko and some Lizard skins leg armor. i would get Roach but they are hot and the lizard skins are much more soft and comfy.

Have you actually ridden with Roach’s? They are warm, but they sure aren’t too hot. I’ve been out for 2 hour rides in 30 degrees celcius, and they were fine.

It was hot enough on a MUni ride that I had to ride without a helmet, due to the fear of overheating…and my legs were still fine.

I haven’t used Lizard SKin’s, so my perception may be off (like your’s to Roach’s) but neoprene next to the skin is certainly not cool and refreshing.

I’ve been using Lizard Skins for years. The past year and a half on my Muni, the rest bike trials. They work great. I’ve never noticed a heat build up being an issue.

In approximate order of priority: helmet, gloves, wristguards, knee/shin guards, elbow guards.

Pick and choose according to your intended style of riding.

Choose items which are easy to put on, comfortable, light and well ventilated.

If something is too much trouble to put on, or uncomfortable, or heavy, or makes you sweat, the temptation will be to leave it off ‘just this once’. It’s better to wear something that’s 90% effective than to have something 100% effective in the shed at home.

Bicycle helmets are designed to balance protection against comfort against weight against ventilation. Bicycling is probably nearer to unicycling than, say, skate boarding, so I’d expect a cycle helmet to be more appropriate. Even a canoe helmet will do the job. On the whole, more protection = more weight and less comfort… otherwise we’d all wear ACU Gold full face motorcycle helmets!

My order of protection priority:

knee/shin pads


wrist gaurds


elbow pads

My priority is:

Leg protection


Carwax so i dont get rust and some good quality Uni cleaner.


Wrist gaurds(man I think i spelt gaurd wrong it looks so funky)

I use…

sixsix one shin pads, a ridge helmet ( bmx style) ,and kona mtb gloves.

im gettin some 661s for my birthday in march! :smiley:


I use Roaches and they are great leg armor, not very hot at all.



how much does the roach armour cost?

I stick with 661s now. The Roaches fray apart easily and, if you send them off for warranty repair - you will never get them back.

They are $50 if you get plain black + shipping and $70 for custom ones+shipping but the customs take about three months to get there.

Re: Safety Exuipement

Get Roach Armour. They are not too hot. They are tough and the custom
sizes/designs are boss. 661’s fall apart, pedals rip through them like kleenex.


RE: Safety Exuipement

> > * i would get Roach but they are hot and the lizard skins are much
> > more soft and comfy. *

What sport is this gear made for? I’ve been looking around for some decent
stuff, but standard sports shops don’t seem to stock much of interest.


Re: RE: Safety Exuipement

Check out bike shops that have BMX or Downhill bikes and gear. also has some body armor.

One problem I have with the regular leg armor is that it is designed for biking, where the major impacts are from the front of the rider. I tend to hit myself in the back of the leg just as often as the front, so I wear soft soccer pads for the back of my legs. I also wear soccer pads with plastic inserts for the front, which have ankle pads with plastic.

This leaves the knees exposed, so you would need extra knee pads. I think pads that are protecting a bony area that don’t have plastic inserts are a waste for the serious fall, unless they are super thick.

I’m still looking for the ultimate padding. For the ankle I need something that protects the achilles/heel area for when the seat hits that area.