i’m moving my stuff to college now, and the ONE thing my dad won’t let me bring is my uni. and jagur just mailed my cranks to my new address. i’m probably going to spend a lot of time staring at those wheelless cranks

well they will make great paper weights,those little Miyata 102’s are heavy (over a pound)

why wont he let you take it? or better yet dont argue with him and just sneek it out of the house in you can make uni’s pretty small by taking off the pedals and the wheel.

Re: sadness

Uni’s are the perfect college vehicle. I rode mine all over campus amost every day…on the otherhand it did take me five years to get a four year degree… Nah, couldn’t be related.

You must find a way.

Oh, man…is it too big to fit in the car? Too distracting? Too valuable? Too weird? Is there a really good reason for you not to have a mode of transportation that doubles as exercise and mental release while you are working hard at school?

Unless you think your dad will come around to negotiation (I mean, I assume you are an responsible adult who can handle the allure of a unicycle in the corner when you are supposed to be studying), or unless there is a good (i.e., not petty) reason for you not to take it along, I second the motion… sneak that sucker in…

Good luck!

Have you thought about KILLING HIM…opps sorry that kind of just sliped out :wink:

I used my unicycle as transportation for all five years of my four year degree as well. They work very well, since they usually can be taken into your apartment. Good luck bringing it with you!

Re: sadness

Are you starting college early? Have you registered for the draft?

Old enough to fight for country = legal age = age at which one can make unicycle decisions independently.

Of course, this is realizing that if Dad is helping with college $, then all of the above still don’t equal “age at which one can tell Dad to take a flying ____ at the moon”. Wait 'till he leaves, then figure out how to siphon off some of your book money into a new uni. That way you still have one when you go home for weekends.

Come to think of it, isn’t that what college loans are for?

I don’t know what you’re complaining about. The real question is, ‘will he let you bring your new uni home at Xmas?’

Re: Re: sadness

I have to totally agree with Tom on this one. I’m sure that is the reason your Dad wants you to leave your current Uni at home. A student loan will allow you to buy the Unicycle of your dreams.

Unlike Paco and UniBrier, I was able to complete my 71/2 years of college in 6 1/2 years, all with Uni in tow. I think it made me smarter. Your Dad can call me for referances, refarences, raferences… sources.:smiley: --chirokid–

I have to disagree with everyone here. The reason ubersquish’s dad doesn’t want him to bring a unicycle to college is so he’ll have more time to drink beer. We all know that the purpose of college is to learn to drink beer and this is just his dad’s way of saying so.

Since he won’t have his unicycle he won’t waste all that time practicing new skills which will leave more time for drinking beer. And since he won’t have a unicycle he won’t get labeled as a nerd and he’ll get invited to more parties where he’ll get to drink even more beer.

See, it’s all logical.

That’s really too bad. College campuses are soo awesome for trials, too. So many benches, and fountains, and stairs, and uni racks to keep it at.
But I would have to agree with Sofa. Get a job (if you don’t have one), and buy a new one. Probably a 29er or a Coker if you will use it for transportation, but of course those are just about worthless for trials.

The more I get to know John the more I realize his insight is amazing.

I took a quarter off to raise some funds for more college so I was really only a quarter behind.

I decided to go for the full five years because I qualified for my last Spring quarter to attend the advanced Marine Biology/Zoology class at the Friday Harbor Labs in the Washington State San Juan Islands. I spent an entire student loan on SCUBA equipment just for that quarter. It was one of the best experiences of my life. We did drink beer, and hard cider when we visited Canada.

My uni went to the islands too.

Show you dad this thread, you’ll have your uni along in no time.:wink:

there’s a light rail route going from where my uni is to a little less than 8 miles north of campus. i’ll take that home, sneak in and take the uni, and then back to college

of course, this will have to wait for my foot to heal, along with my hamstring. last thursday i dodged a car (or moved to the side of the road to let it pass) and upd’ed. first one i’ve had that landed me on my tush. i hurt my heel then, and proceeded to college where i walked lots and lots on it. monday purple bruisish looking things showed up on it, and then tuesday my hamstring started hurting whenever i walked. also tuesday, i noticed that both the heel and the tendon were rather swollen, so i went to the university health center where the doctor told me to get it xrayed to see if i had broken anything. i plan on getting the xray tommorrow morning

three reasons now for me not being able to ride: unicycle is not here; my foot will fall off if i try to go get it, my foot will fall off during freemount practice if i somehow got it here. poo

one more thing i forgot. he thinks it belongs to one of my friends and that it’s on indefinite loan to me

Sounds like you have both free time and pain/discomfort. Suggest you take to heart the Gospel According to St. John as documented above.

I had a friend who hurt her foot in a non-unicycle accident, and she found that she could get to classes without the aid of crutches as long as she was riding her uni. I don’t think they let her ride her uni through the halls, though.
And contrary to popular belief, if you ride a unicycle, you may not be labeled as a nerd. Or if you do, they might invite you to the parties just to entertain them all. Remember, drunk people are easy to entertain (and exploit for money).
Wait until they’re all drunk, pull off a few tricks on your uni, then tell everyone that if you had a better unicycle, you could do even better tricks. The money will start to pour in. :smiley:

I think maybe dad would miss the uni.

ahhh if my dad doesn’t let me bring my uni to uni i’m riding it there myself! :wink:

Re: sadness

ubersquish <> wrote:

> i’m moving my stuff to college now, and the ONE thing my dad won’t let
> me bring is my uni. and jagur just mailed my cranks to my new address.

Do you think your dad might be wanting to learn to ride in secret? If so
leave that uni at home, use libary books and get a new uni with book
money to keep at school. That way you have the use of one in term time and
the other in holidays and daddy need never know!

My parents went a little ballistic when I came home for christmas at the
end of my first term with a unicycle, they said it was just a phase and
i’d not see any benefit from it and I’d wasted money I could have used
for food or tools. 11 years on I’m still riding and my folks are big fans
of the British Unicycle team.

Good Luck,

Union of UK Unicyclists
By and for UK riders

I’m off to college tomorrow, and the first thing i put into my van was my unicycle. My parents were like unicycle or whatever in your freetime, just make sure you yhave time to study. I’m sorry to hear that you cant bring your’s, but hopefully you can persuade your dad to change his mind

BTW - what college?