im using the torker dx unicycle original saddle i want to do better tricks is a low profile saddle better and easyer to use that the dx as that is very large i like the look of the onza limey on udc i think that it is the same as the kh but diffrent collour any advise

First search, then cut-down the foam on your DX saddle to make it lower profile. Saves a lot of money from buying a new seat.

Here is a thread on modifying DX saddles

its a idea but i want to put the dx saddle on my 26 so i want a newer saddle do you know what would be good

I haven’t heard much about the Onza saddle, lots of people like the KH street and the Nimbus Gel. If you are going to be doing just trials seat comfort doesn’t matter that much so any thin seat should do well.

yer i think the onza is the same as the kh but with a union jack cover which i like