So…I have a 20 inch Sun unicycle but the saddle is KILLING me. So I want to buy a new saddle even though my unicycle is kinda cheap. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should get? Thanks. :slight_smile:

If you are planning to go big in the future, get a s wallis cf base, with a leather myata-style replacement, and memory foam inside. It is an amazing low profile saddle!

A cheaper alternative is the kh street saddle.

however, if you don’t want to spend around $300 on a seat, I suggest getting either the KH freeride muni seat, or the KH street/ trials seat.

if you plan on doing distance stuff, get the muni/ distance seat. if you plan on doing trials/ street, get the KH street/trials seat.

uhm on a sun 20", i doubt you’ll do much trials or street or alot of muni, so i’d get a KH fusion or a standart kris holm seat… the velo freestlyle saddle is pretty good too

I think the suns saddle is the best for SIF. It fits so perfectly in my hand and feels so great.

The newer better models of Sun come with Velo/KH styled saddles.

But from the sounds of it, you have the classic Sun, with a thin saddle with no front handle.

Wait, wait bolt pattern does the classic Sun unicycle have?

If you are talking about the seat post its the same bolt pattern as just about every seat except the miyata/lx. It is that 4 bolt pattern.

Ok, jsut making sure that the KH saddle would be able to fit onto the Suns seatpost. =p
That’s the unicycle I have. I bought it cuz it was cheap and I just wanted to learn simple tricks and stuff. And any saddle I get I could potentially use later with a different unicycle…

just get a KH saddle, get one of the ones that are made for muni and are thicker, not street or trials, which are very thin like the koxx1 saddles and the KH street.

And cheap saddles are actually really good for SIF… but i love my koxx1 std saddle for SIF, its really nice, and actually its nearly more comfortable than my Onza KH saddle.

what exactly is this? like do you pump air into it or something? and will it work well with my torker lx seat?

Yes. They are used for making air seats.

Some find them to be very comfy, others dont like them as much.

With the LX/Miyata styled seat, its very easy to make an air seat. I have done 4 of them for my friends now.

I have wrote up a guide on here on how to do them, and a few other people have as well. Do a search and youll find it. =p

if you dont mind me saing ,that is a mighty fine uni you have if i had it i would splind and it would me my uniinsert heart here

Have you ridden the new KH freeride saddle? I just ordered one. I am hoping it will ease the perineum pounding of late.


I’ve ridden one briefly(Kris’s!)

Mine is coming in 4 days!

Miles, that’s cool! Please post a review or something if you get a chance - I’m considering upgrading to a freeride from a Nimbus Gel (at least on my 36er)… Not decided yet, but the central cutaway is quite tempting.

Mine should show up in 4 days or so as well. I’ll let you know. And ya, the flatter profile and centre cutaway looks like it should be good. I have been riding on one of the older KH’s. Soft padding, but I find I slide forward too much, even after modifying the seat post to allow more angle (back half of saddle closer to the horizontal plane).
Does anyone know if those are good saddles?

Kris Holm are the best ones to get. I’m getting mine in red/black and when i do i’m putting lights where the red part is. So when i’m riding it at night. They’ll glow a nice shiiiny red so people can see me. hahahaha :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

yeah thats an amazing saddle one of the best available comfort wise…

Finally got to ride the new saddle today (KH Fusion Freeride). Did about 10km easy street riding. I like it better than the older KH. I still slide forwrd a bit much for my liking. Less foam under the sit bones is good. More control, less wheel wandering. Perineum discomfort was a little less, but still a bit annoying. Have to put some more miles on it before I really know if it is a lot more comfortable. (unrelated: Geez my knees are getting a pounding…)