Hey just a stupid question here,

I read somewhere that you need a seat post with a screw in plate thingy (as opposed to a clamp) to attach a KH saddle to it,

and i was just wondering with my excellent quality cheap generic unicycle, seems to have a plate attach to the seatpost via a clamp?

in other words could i attach this to my uni (in the picture).

sorry, pic didn’t attach


your thighs are going to look like the back of your seat does if you continue riding with that.

the clamps made in Engalnd dont have a threaded bolt that sticks out as much. look for one of those or find a rail type post.

ha, nah the bolts don’t cause any grief, their too far back.

But i seriously gotta get me a new seat, appart from the fact that it’s falling apart, i don’t think my but can handle much more of it…

Your best bet is probably to get a new seatpost nd shim it to fit your uni, the seat you posted does noty use the rail adaptor, it bolts straight to a plate on top of the post, this post should allow you to bolt an old style Kh/velo saddle to your uni, and should fit in the frame.