Whats the best seat for its price thats in stock at

i like the visount saddle. A strong durable seat that will last u quite awhile. Not the most comphortable saddle but if u stick a reeder handle onto it , it works really well for trials.

Definately without a shadow of a doubt, the KH Velo seat! Comfy, great handle and tough!


i find the kh seat ti be quite uncomphortable because its to thick , the handle is good but they are really harsh on ur fingers for hopping with the seat out.

I have brought 3 KH Seats so I woud say the Miyata with Carbon.


I vote for the Kris Holm Velo seat, its very comfertable and very goid for trials and muni, my second choice would be miyata, and for last place goes the viscount- its hurts your gooch really bad, it may be strong but not very comfertable

air seat conversion

I like Kris Holm seats personally. They’re much comfier than miyata seats and I find them about as comfy as an airseat without the negatives of air.

Although, I wouldn’t say they’re entirely durable. I reckon a KH seat has about 1000 miles or so of hard riding in it. Which is okay if you don’t ride that much, but if you’re doing a lot of distance riding it’s only a matter of weeks before they start creaking a bit and not quite feeling perfect.

I think what makes me kill seats (other than the obvious things that trials people do to them) is mostly pulling on the handle on hills with a bit of dropping the seat while riding off road.

It’s irritating, but until starts selling a ready made strong & comfortable seat, or I buy some power tools so I can make myself a CF based seat I’m kind of stuck riding the KH seats as they’re the best I can get hold of.


miyata airseat

The KH seat is tough on the fingers when the saddle’s out front, I have to agree but still I think better value than the Miyata and the best standard seat you can buy! Obviously air seat conversions are going to be the best for a lot of people, but then, so is anything you customize for yourself!

Slight tangent here!
I recently snapped the metal strip inside one of my KHs, but everything else is fine. Because of how I snapped the strip, two of my bolts just turn with the nuts in the base, so I can’t tighten them! So I’m going to replace the strip with something strong and bolt a rail bracket on before using a bandsaw to cut the foam in half (horizontally) and put an air seat on top of it, and put vinyl tubing around the edge to prevent sore fingers form holding the saddle out. The cover was originally stapled on, so I may buy a new leather one (I’d rather have a Roach one- will it fit?) or just put metal eyelets into the edge and tie it together under the saddle.

Does this sound like a good idea? Any ideas on what to use to replace the metal strip? Or seat cover? How thick will the foam have to be to fit with an air pillow? So many questions!!!

UNITED! WOO HOO! Not only that, but you get TWO MORE FREE just for buying ONE! I don’t even have three unicycles, but i could get 6 for LESS than ONE KH Velo.

Take THAT!

But KH saddles are 7 times more comfy and will last 7 times longer and look 7 if not 8 times as good, ergo, it’s a better deal!

i myself prefer strength over comfort. so i use a viscount saddle with a reeder handle for street riding. ive broken two viscounts now and i know that id break a miyata or KH… someone really needs to come out with an unbreakable seat with a lifetime warrenty… the the profiles… except a seat… that would be nice.


My brother’s friend gave me his unicycle last summer and it had the child-sized Torker saddle so I bought a yellow Viscount saddle for it. I find the Viscount to be extremely uncomfortable and I would never buy another one. I regret buying that one, actually. And I’m a girl. :slight_smile: I don’t know how anyone rides them for any length of time.

Miyata seats are out of stock now anyway, but I think the KH seats are the best seats off the shelf now. If money is no issue a Miyata air-seat is the most comfortable but it’s pretty expensive.

I wonder if they will ever sell the black Miyata-style Torker saddles by themselves? If they did they would probably be pretty cheap and that would be a good option. But now they just come on the unicycles, I think.


stop dissing the viscount for its uncomfortableness… i know its uncomforatble, but other than that its a good seat. i mean theres no seat out there thats gonna stand the pressure of hopping down 10 stairs like 5 times in a row before landing it. i mean being uncomfortable is better than knowing your seat is gonna for sure break as soon as you try something hard. if a piece of equipment is gonna be holding me back from trying to push the limits of unicycling, then i dont want it. thats why the viscount is good… its the strongest thing available right now without paying like 300$. comfort just simply isnt good enough to make up for a weak seat. viscount all the way!! haha see ya, Kevin

Well, I guess it depends on what you’re doing. If you’re just riding around and not doing anything too extreme, strength isn’t as big of a deal.

I guess the Viscount probably wouldn’t be as bad for trials where you aren’t sitting down much but for any type of distance riding it is a pain in the butt. :smiley:

If you’re going for distance you don’t want to have to stop because of saddle soreness before your legs even get tired.


That’s a nice observation, Kevin. I never really considered getting a Viscount for my trials uni untill now. Plus, it’s not like i sit all the time on my trials uni anyway. :slight_smile: