Saddles, saddles, saddles...

I know I’m due for a new saddle as my existing one is sprouting a ‘mouth’ as I call it. You know how those old Schwinn saddles are, no bumpers. The nose of it’s formed a good tear underneath and only seems to be growing. I’ve been looking at some options in terms of saddles and wanted to get your opinions on them before I order.

What I wanted (But no longer have in stock):
Nimbus Gel Saddle w/ blue trim, $50 from UDC.

Runner up: Black Nimbus Gel Saddle, same price, same store.
Also looking at the Schwinn Retro Gel Saddle, if I wanted to keep my uni “Schwinn”, $40 from UDC
Lastly, lowest price, the $30 Club Saddle from UDC.

Which of these would you recommend? I think $50 might be pushing it as far as how much more I want to pump into my $30 uni. If the Nimbus is really that good and will handle a beating over the rest of the bunch I’ll go for that but wanted to know about these others as well.

Hi AngryGumball

I’d wait and see what comes out of the noooooo container. Your blue nimbus might be in it :slight_smile: Go for what you really want, you can always put it on your next uni. Blue for you.

Any of them will be a big improvement over the old school Schwinn. Those plastic handles are plenty strong for being dropped on the ground. I’m kind of hoping you get the Schwinn Retro so you can tell us about it. I’ve never seen one of those.

I know I keep on suggesting that you get a new MUni but if your going to keep the Schwinn keep it retro man as that is really the whole point of having one.


My first uni back in the 70’s was a Schwinn. That thing took a serious beating, and never broke down. The seat was trashed from being dropped on it’s nose so many times over the years. Back in the dark ages it was impossible to find replacement parts. I even tried a 10 speed seat at one point as a replacement, but that was a failure.

This Schwinn kinda makes me want it from an emotional level. I would have loved to have had this back in the 70’s. The seat adjustment issues is not that hard to overcome with these if you dont share your ride.

This is sort of like a classic musclecar with updated parts. There are better newer rides, but I still like this.

By all means, wait for the Nimbus Saddle. Never go with a worse saddle simply because the one you want isn’t in stock right now.
Check the website on a weekly basis, and the Trading Post here.

Don’t let money discourage you from a saddle, either. The beauty of saddles is that most can be put on nearly any unicycle. If you ever get a new, better unicycle, you can move your saddle over to it; I guarantee that you won’t be riding the old one anymore. $20 is worth the comfort and durability of your saddle, trust me - I burned $70 on a KH Slim for my Coker, and I can ride all day on that thing. It is so much better than my old Velo.

Whatever you choose, good luck! Getting a new saddle is always exciting. Fair warning: It can take a bit to get used to.

I’ve got a black nimbus gel, came on my nimbus trials I got around christmas, It’s only been used a handful of times before I swapped it out with a KH. If you want it I’ll make you a screaming deal…

It has a few scuffs on the bumper, but in VERY good shape.

I think they have the same 4 bolt pattern right? anyone?

Yep, they use the exact same base.