Saddles...Miyata or Kris Holm?

I have a summit with a viscount saddle right now, and I wanted to upgrade to a nice trials saddle. What are your opinions on the two saddles (KH and Miyata) and which do you recommend for me. I need somethin that can last. Which is more comfortable for riding long distances?


i like the kh a lot. it is a kittle too curved for me, but i like it better than the miata. the kh has abetter handke too. With the fusion kh, all you need to make it an airseat is a cheap tube. i’d go w/ a kh for trials.

I have a Kh and love the shape and feel of it. thats what i would go with

long distance all but require an air seat.

I vote miyata or torker lx (black miyata). i like them better. they have a lower profile. look at the saddles that all the best riders are using.


PS. Stop distracting me.

i would go with the miyata,



The Miyata/Torker saddle is good for trials. Easy to grip and not bulky. However, it doesn’t have a lot of padding for long rides. But you don’t sit on the saddle constantly for hours on a trials uni so that’s not an issue.

If you go with the Miyata/Torker I would suggest the GB4 seat stiffener. It will let you get more life out of the seat before the seat base cracks. A little reinforcement under the handle would also be a good idea to get more life out of the handle before it cracks.

go KH, if you want to make an air seat then go KH Fusion…the miyata is out of date with its handle and bolt mounting pattern.

That is something to consider. The Miyata style is getting to be the odd-ball seat design. It uses a special seat post bolt pattern so you have to get a special seatpost for it. The handle design is also going to get less popular as more people get the KH/Velo style seats. Getting a Miyata is kind of like going back to the past. Oh well. I still like the seat and it’s shape.

I’m going to have to try a KH Fusion seat and experiment with cutting down the foam. I think cutting the foam down would make the KH style seat more comfortable for me. With a few foam mods I may end up liking the KH Fusion better than the Miyata shape. I’ll have to try it and see.

The big advantage for the KH seat is that it uses the same bolt mount under the seat as the Viscount. Changing seats from the Viscount to the KH would be very easy. No need for a new seatpost.

I really like the Miyata, I had a KH for a while and it was a bit clunky and the handle didn’t feel right for trials. The miyata is much more customisable, and can be made into a strong peice of equipment pretty easily.

yeah chunky it is but with the Fusion upgrade the foam can be cut down, the original thin handle sucked but the new ones with the ribs underneath feel great.

its also only a matter of time till the CF plates for a KH get over to the USA.

A bit off topic, but in a tutorial by KH on seat out hopping, he reccomends cutting a peice of PVC pipe legntthwise and attatching it to your saddle for a nice comfy grip. Has anyone done this??? How well does it work/how easy is it to attach?

It’s not PVC pipe, it’s vinyl tubing. You can see pictures of the vinyl tubing mod in my airseat gallery. It works great. Definitely more comfortable.

Another option would be to use door edge molding that is used to protect the edge of a car door from getting scraped up. You can get it at most auto parts stores. See this thread for some info. It has a better shape than round vinyl tubing and should stay on without the need for tape.

Not PVC pipe, but Vinyl hose. I would imagine it would be quite easy if you had a Fusion, as you could just take the cover off and slap it on there, tape it, and replace the cover. Also, I’m sure this has been asked before, but where can I get a handle for a Torker with the hole all the way through? I hate the handles because my fingertips get sore so quickly from pressing against the top of the handle.

Thanks for all the opinions, I’ll probably go with the KH but i’m confused, is the KH Fusion the regular KH seat with a Fusion Cover? Or are there two different KH seats out there? What are the seats that come with the 2005 KH unis?

Anyway, I’ll probably just order a gray regular KH seat from for $40.00, and maybe buy a fusion cover later.


I add that the Steve Howard handle is the best plastic handle available (including the newest KH). The airseat is lighter and allows you to change the air pressure (easily) depending on your ride. (for distance and rough terrain more pressure, for trials use much lower pressure to make the seat very easy to hold).

I haven’t ridden an unmodified Miyata seat on a regular basis in many years. I always used to beef up the padding, before air seats came along.

That said, they are lighter than the KH, and thinner. I don’t know how a tall seat is a problem for tricks or Trials, but the large handles on both kinds can get in the way of some Freestyle moves, such as unispins. I believe you can get a no-handle bumper for a KH seat though.

For comfort, in my mind there is no comparison. KH. But remember, every crotch is different. Some people even prefer the Viscount!

Now for the political side:

Since 1980 or earlier, Miyata was the innovator in unicycle seat design. They had the plastic bumpers in 1980, while the rest of the industry hadn’t even figured out those nasty metal bars yet (they got the metal bar idea from Miyata’s previous seats).

Over the years, Miyata made constant improvements to their seat design, making them stronger, adding bolts, adding the front handle. No other company seemed willing to go to the expense of making a comparable seat.

The Viscount seats came out in late 1986 with the re-introduced Schwinns of that time. The idea there was to use the idea of Miyata’s plastic bumpers without going too far from the “patented Schwinn design.” It was an improvement, but to me was never the Miyata’s equal. And I was one of the contributors to the Viscount’s design!


We always got our Miyata seats from Japan, through Miyata USA. They generally only sent over one, or later two shipments per year, which generally sold out almost immediately. Back in the bad old days, you just couldn’t get seats (or most other parts) without long distance phone calls, and usually months of waiting.

Perhaps it’s not that they didn’t care about us unicyclists, just that we didn’t order enough product for them to spend the extra cost to send less than a whole container-load.

So we were always short on Miyata seats.

But then came along to save the day! They made an unprecented order of 1500 seats a few years back, so we would hopefully not run out before the next batch arrived. If this happened it would have been the first time in history that Miyata seats stayed in stock until new ones were available.

But Miyata pulled a fast one. Due to increasing competition from cheaper non-Japanese products, Miyata moved its saddle production to a factory in China. The 1500 seats we got over here were not what ordered, but a “new” version that was flawed, and inferior to the older Japanese versions. Ouch. These were the ones with the spinning bolt problems.

Now I haven’t followed the details on Miyata seats since then. All of the above story tells me that Miyata doesn’t really care about us Westerners over here. Their primary market is Japan, where they sell thousands of times more unicycles than they do here. Many thousands.

We’re not stuck with Miyata any more as the only really good seat out there. Now we have KH, designed by a unicyclist we know, and controlled by unicyclists so we get them the way he wants them.

The new KH Fusion saddles address the problem with previous versions that you couldn’t take them apart and customize them. That was the Miyata’s one big advantage until now. This is no longer the case.

So, when in doubt, SUPPORT KRIS HOLM! The KH stuff is made for us (meaning mostly, but not all, Western newsgroup-reading, offroad-riding types). The Miyatas never really were.

My next saddle, and probably most of the ones after that, will be KH Fusion or later models. Miyatas will still be great, but my first choice is to support the stuff that’s made with me in mind.

Amen brotha!

I personaly hate the torker lx seats.their to small and skinny and the handle is to small.The dx seats are much better.

Iv’e never ridden on a seat other than the lx and dx though.