Saddles issue

I have 3 saddles. A standard qu-ax, a kh fusion street gel and a kh fusion freeride.

I bought a used kh fusion freeride years ago because the qu-ax wasn’t very comfortable.
But for some reason, the fusion freeride hurts my left buttock bone after a few minutes.
My kh fusion street gel hurts me between the thighs and testicles. Seems to “pinch” and friction some skin on both side (but more on the right).

The kh fusion freeride is the most comfortable by far (feels like I’m sitting on a pillow!) if only it didn’t hurt my left buttock. The saddle doesn’t seem to be crooked or something like that.

Note that I’m skinny ! And I only ride my 24", mostly in town.

Any advice or suggestion about this issue? Should I buy another saddle? Which one?

What are you using for shorts/crotch protection? Bike shorts recommended there.

No two crotches are created equal. Then there’s personal preference, which makes saddle choice a very personal thing. What works for one person may be torture for the next, so your end favorite may not be everyone else’s (and everyone doesn’t agree on any single saddle!).

Also you can try a handle, depending on the type(s) of riding you do. It works wonders for long distance riding, by allowing, if properly adjusted, you to lean forward some, and change the angle of your pelvis to the saddle.

Seems to me you need a new left buttock :slight_smile:

Get yourself some bar ends and learn how to ride with them. There may be a difficult learning curve involved, but you’ll be much happier in the end. Handle bars help you adjust your positioning on the seat, so you’re not always sitting on the same spot on your butt. And they take a huge amount of weight off your butt.

+1 on the padded bike shorts.