Saddles and seatposts

Don’t know what they are, but I don’t want them. If you want more info or better pics, PM me. $10 each plus shipping.


I’ll take them both.

Black on Black with Black seatpost only

Sorry but I only want the one that is Black on Black with the Black seatpost. Sorry for jumping the gun on both. Let me know what shipping is to 92108.

Shipping is $12 priority mail (with tracking and $50 insurance). $8 for first class (no tracking or insurance).

Let me know if you’re interested in the black one! I’ll be back in town on Monday to ship it out.


I will go with First Class standard shipping for the Black one. Thanks. Sent payment… I found your paypal addy from the Pink frame purchase.

Black seat and post Sold!

Silver still for sale $10 plus shipping.


Silver/grey saddle and seatpost still available! $10 and I’ll pay half of shipping. Need to move in August so the sooner I can get rid of stuff, the better!