Saddles and seatposts

Blue KH saddle. - $30 OBO
Black KH Fusion air saddle - $40 OBO
27.2 x ~300-320mm Thompson seatpost - $75 OBO
22.2mm x 300mm Chrome seatpost + blue GT single bolt clamp - $10 OBO

All prices do not include shipping.

Sending pm on blue KH

I sent a PM on the air saddle. …John

Sent a pm on the saddles in case either of the previous offers fell through.

I think I’ll pass on the blue KH, I bought an Impact Naomi saddle for only $15. :sunglasses:

Also forgot that I have a rail adapter with the handle post that goes with the Thompson for +$10

Just sent Paypal payment for the blue KH.

Both saddles are sold. Still have both seatposts and rail adapter.

Thanks, loosejello, the seat looks great on my 36" and feels a lot more comfy than the old Viscount seat I’ve been using.

Glad you like it, and that it’s getting use again!