I would like to know what Kris Holm Saddle is the best for Cross country and which 29 inch unicycle is best for Crosscountry?

You can’t go wrong with a KH29 with a Fusion Freeride saddle.

KH saddle

How about the fusion street gel 2009 saddle for muni and distance??

Saddles are the most personnel thing you can ask about.

I have tried all the KH range and do a lot of XC distance riding and have an Impact Naomi on all my Unicycles as it is the thinnest and narrowest padding wise, I come from MTB riding so am used to tiny saddles and wear padded cycle shorts. A lot of distance riders on here ride them as well.

I find the thicker seats like the Freeride bulge at the sides as you sit on them making them wider and more prone to chaffing on the hop of your legs / groin area.

As I say it is a matter of personnel preference, it is expensive but the only way to be sure is try them all like I did :stuck_out_tongue:

I second everything you say, and I’m also from a MTBking background.

Impact Naomi is my favourite off-the-shelf XC MUni and long distance road saddle.

It’s not nearly as good as the NNC Flatfish, but as far as non-custom saddles go, it’s the best. There are other slim saddles, but they seem to have too much overhang on the sides.

Your old post about them was what got me to try one ;), although I did get a KH slim first but that had to much side padding

Looking to upgrade my saddle on my Oracle 24. I have grown to hate the Nimbus Gel. Way too much curve. It reminds me of the Viscount I have on my old Sem (the Viscount replaced the Schwinn, which I think used to come with the Sems).

I have an older KH Freeride on my 29 and KH street on my trials and 36, but am curious about the Naomi for the Oracle 24. I am generally fine with the Street on my 36. I get a bit uncomfortable after 7 miles or so, but I suspect that happens with any saddle. I think it’s about as good as it gets. I like the Freeride too, but I think I prefer something with a smaller footprint, because I often stand when doing big climbs and I just want the saddle out of the way.

Is the Naomi flatter than the KH Freeride or Street? Is it appropriate for technical All-mountain muni? Can you mount a brake lever to it?

It isn’t any flatter than my KH street. It does have more rounded corners. Lots of people love it, but you really will just have to try it yourself.

I’m certain that you can mount a brake lever to one. They use the older velo base that has acorn nuts instead of allan screws. Worse come to worse you’d have to do some equipment tweaks.

If you want to try one they can be purchased for only $15+ shipping from UDC UK right now. If you do go this route you’ll have to buy new bolts and disassemble the saddle to replace them but it only took me ~5 minutes and the bolts came to 15 cents exactly.

I may just end up getting another Fusion Street. Sounds like a bit of trouble and I think the Street would be good enough.

I have experience with 1) qx blue saddle (terrible), 2) black&white qx recently on qx series munis (not bad but not the best), 3) KH freeride (comfortable, could be narrower between legs), 4) Impact Naomi (not as comfortable as KH fr, slightly lighter, narrower thus its better for my groins; the acorn nuts sucks, they are quite short). I think KH freeride is the best and most universal. Naomi is the best for groins and save cca 70 grams of weight.

I’ve found my happy medium with a flattened KH street. Not totally chafe free, but seems to be the best so far for me…

Imho Vera saddle gets better when you flattern it.
No matter how flat it is, the wrong foam (too much, too soft, Not enough) can make it worse.
In my case a flat Kh Fusion Freeride is the best (if i weighted more then 58 kg i might prefer less cushioning)