Anyone have an extra saddle that you’d like to sell? I was recently given an inexpensive 26" Sun uni. I’ve upgraded many of the components as well as the tire (Maxxis Xenith 26"x1.50") with extra parts I had sitting around. However, I intend to use it for asphalt trail riding and it could seriously use a better/more comfortable saddle. I’m looking for one in decent condition with a traditional style seatpost attachment and integrated front handle. Something like my Nimbus gel or KH freeride would be great. However, even a thin Koxx-One saddle would be better than the factory saddle from Sun.

No one needs a few extra bucks for a saddle you aren’t using? I swapped the Maxxis Xenith with a Bontrager Earl Gum-Bi for the extra air volume, but seriously need a better saddle.

I think you would have better luck by just purchasing one on the internet. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m beginning to think you’re right. is sold out of the Nimbus Club Saddles right now, but if some of my Craigs List ads sell I may go for a Nimbus Gel or a KH Freeride. I just hate to buy new unless I have to.

If you don’t mind something that’s got ample old school KH style padding you may consider the Coker saddle for $28. It’s pretty much identical to the Nimbus Hi-Top, or the old KH Saddles before the Fusion Freeride (FF).

I have an old KH saddle that I pulled the cover off of, and put a 1" groove down the middle like the FF has, and it’s my go to MUni saddle. I had a FF on it, and found that the old saddle with the groove down the middle was more comfy on the trail. My FF is happily perched atop my Nightrider.