Hey guys,
frankly my saddle is a pain in the arse, got any suggestions for a low end, but comfortable saddle and/or cover?

kris holm fusion freeride

Let me say welcome to the forum. A search will turn up more threads than you can count about seats.

What seat are you running now? What don’t you like about it? What kind of riding do you like to do?

Knowing these things could help us steer you to the right seat.

Everybody has a different butt. While the vast majority of riders like that seat a lot, I didn’t and ended up redoing the foam. Some like the ‘street’ version of the KH saddle better.

I’ve been tempted to try the new Nimbus Gel, since I like the older version pretty well. Its Just a little fat between the legs is what keeps me from liking it more. Maybe tonight I’ll get motivated and pull the cover off and see about reshaping it.

But the big majority here are going to say KH Freeride. It’s certainly a good place to start.

it just seems to be just a basic starter, at the moment im doing road cycling, tho would like to try other stuff