Saddle Wanted!

Hi there

I’m wanting to buy a saddle for my trials uni

I live in the UK and so it would be better if I could buy one from the UK also but if not I will pay for shiping from the US or elsewhere

I’m not very brand concious so I dunno what is a good brand or not so dont try and rip me off please.

One with a handle is what I’m looking for

Would spend about £20-£25 on saddle (not inc p+p)

thank you!

unfortunantly, i dont have a seat to sell you, but these seats would be perfect for you if you find them.

KH street fusion

nimbus gel

any koxx one

any qu ax seat.

UDC sell the KH street fusion for £27.50, and the nimbus gel for £24

Incidentally I do have a KH saddle I’m willling to let go, but it’s pretty beat up.

i just got my nimbus gel like a few hours ago and its pure sex . its surprisingly comfy as hell and it has perfect grip for “seat out” moves. i gotta go do some sidehops with it to break it in but its nice. nimbus gel ftw.