Saddle up, partner

My saddle is in the process of kicking the bucket. My Carbon Fiber seat frame is cracked and my Miyata seat post is cracked. This is about the third or fourth time my seat post has cracked actually. I used to live close to a welder that would put it back together when i broke it but i moved.

So what do you all think is the strongest seat post? I swap my saddle between my KH trials and my muni cause i can’t afford two saddles. My muni has a yuni frame (22.2mm) and i shim my KH (27.2-mm) to take the same seat post.

Would I be better off getting a rail adapter and then using a bike seat post? Do bike seat posts come in the 22.2mm size? Which rail adapters would you recommend?

If the KH seat post is pretty strong maybe it is really time to get two saddles.

Also, it looks like is out of stock on the CF seat frames. WOuld anyone happen to be selling one?


Where is your carbon fiber seat base cracking?

To prolong the life of the carbon fiber seat base you need to make sure that there are no angular metal edges coming in direct contact with the carbon fiber. For example the seatpost mounting plate usually creates an angular edge that will be in direct contact with the carbon fiber. That will cause the carbon fiber to crack there. Put something like a thick piece of inner tube between the seatpost mounting plate and the carbon fiber base. The inner tube will take the edge off the metal edge.

For rail adapters the Kinport is cheaper. The Kinport adapters are drilled for the standard 4 bolt pattern as used on the KH seats and Viscount seats.

For 22.2 mm bike seatposts you can go with a 7/8" (22.2 mm) BMX seatpost like the Primo Rod. The Primo Rod is a chromoly steel seatpost that’s built like a tank. You won’t break that seatpost. The weak point will be the rail adapter bracket.

Thanks for the reply, JC. The CF base is actually cracking out in no-mans-land. Its not cracking near the seat post. I will try the piece of inner tube thing next time i put together a seat just to be safe.

thanks. -erik

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If you don’t want to do the rail adapter the GB4 seatpost is very, very strong. It comes in 22.2 and 25.4mm (7/8" and 1").