Saddle tilted back -> extreme pain. What did I do wrong?

The base on my old KH saddle broke recently, so I replaced it with a nice new KH Fusion. I had the saddle pretty much in the middle of its adjustment (on a standard seatpost) so I decided to fit the new one tilted back a bit more to see what all the hype was about. It felt possibly slightly more comfortable for a mile or so, then became absolute agony. I had to stop and dismount every couple of miles on the way to work and back because I just couldn’t bear to sit on the saddle. I worried for a bit that the slight change in KH seat design had made it disagree with my crotch, but setting the angle back to how I had the old saddle completely cured the problem - back to riding ten miles cross country with no need for a dismount.

Is it just because of what I’m used to or do all you tilted saddle people only ever ride very short distances? I’ve seen pictures of some people’s munis (Catboy’s comes to mind) with the saddles tilted back almost vertical on rail adaptors, and all the advocates of the tilt claim it’s more comfortable. Are you all eunuchs or is there a special techique to riding like that?


I’ve used an older, fat KH with a rail adaptor and found it to be really comfy but have recently used a thinner, UDC gel saddle on a rail adaptor tilted back and I found it nowhere near as comfy as the fatter saddle tilted back.

In future if I’m using a rail adaptor I’m going to stick with the fatter version.

My new (thinner) saddle feels pretty much the same as the old (fat) one now I’ve got it set more level. I can’t say I can tell the difference until I dismount and grab the saddle (then it feels thin).
I never tried the old saddle tilted back, so I can’t comment on that.

So, does anybody ride with a new skinny KH saddle tilted back? Mine’s not a gel one BTW, it’s a normal Fusion.


if I tilt the saddle I have to lower it slightly.

I use tilt but not to an extreme degree. Mainly the goal is to get the large flat padded back area of the seat under your butt and not the narrow bit. The tradeoff is that you can end up with very little room for your nads while trying to use your sit bones. Saddles, as always, remain a personal choice.

I tried various heights as I was limping home with numb groin… I think I’ll just stick with it as it is - seems to work best for me that way :slight_smile:


How far back did you tilt your saddle?

I put mine so the back half is parallel to the gound, then I just place my behind on it like a chair. I havent been saddle sore once since Iv’e done so.

I’ve asked before if anyone has ever used a normal bicycle seat on a uni, and got a few responces that it works, but that you slide forward. With the seat the way you have it, it’s like a normal bike seat, with an “anti-slide-forward” bit at the front. Yet, for most, as was mentioned, there’s not much room for the man bits as the “asf” is too close to the rear of the seat. So. to me at least, it seems like someone should make a normal bike seat that just tilts up slightly in the front. Does this not seem intelligent? I don’t understand why they want you to sit on the narrowest part of the seat, squashed between the tilted up front and back. That seems to be the most uncomfortable way to make a seat possible…

Or do I just not have any clue what I’m talking about? :slight_smile:

What I would do, if my seat was tilted that far, would be to reduce the "curve"of the saddle by reshaping the base, flattening it out or adding some foam to middle section. That’s waaaay too much curve for my liking.:smiley:

Fatter and flatter. Wish I had photoshop so I could take that curve out, and bring the front end DOWN!

Not as far as yours - just as far back as it would go on a normal seatpost. I think the KH saddle is pretty comfortable when in the “normal” position - I hated it at first but must have found a way to sit that works. The only thing I would change is to get rid of a bit of the curve, but I never found it uncomfortable enough to be bothered with removing and refitting the old-style cover. Now I’ve got a Fusion cover perhaps I’ll have a go at experimenting with the foam shape a bit.