Saddle Suggestions

I have a Torker LX, and i am getting into Street unicycling.

The saddle that they come with, is terrible for Sif hopping, and riding. it is wide in the back and i struggle while getting it in front of me, and by the time i do, i fall… i am going to get a new uni, but for the time being, what type of saddle should i get?

The LX base actually has a pretty sweet lip for trials. You shouldnt have a problem taking the seat out unless your seat is too high, So try lowering it.

it definately isn’t too high, but when i go to put the seat in front of me, it catches the back of my leg… and i dont have big thighs… im a thin person… i actually have to go bowlegged to get the seat out in front, and its extremely uncomfortable. and i have realized that this is the reason for my failed attempts at the unispin.

The saddle is not your problem. Some of the best freestylers use myaita (same as torker LX saddle) saddles.

that is my point exactly, im looking to get into street

Dan heaton rides a myaita seat, best flatlander i know of. Lots of people ride the carbon version of your seat. Your seat is fine unless its starts to crack.

You would have even more trouble getting a KH style seat in front than the LX, its even bigger. Just practice and you will be fine.

I’ve been riding a CF miyata base for a long time and I really like it’s shape.

alrite… i’ll take ur suggestions and stick with the default.



just curious, what is the LX seat’s size compared to the crappy viscount seats?

im in the same position, not a great uni (crap except for Nimbus frame), and going to buy either KH 20" or DX 20"