saddle stuff that I need help with and have a few questions on

ok i have some qestions on some seat stuff and I figured this would be the best place to put it. The questions are about my dx seat and my tx/lx seat. i am switching them back and forth to see witch one I like best. I want one a little bit thicker then the tx/lx saddle. i’m thinking about making a custom saddle. heres what the custom saddle would be like.

  1. miyata carbon fiber base because of the cover i want
  2. miyata or Kris Holm front lift handle. still desiding on with one I lke the most
  3. Kris Holm rear bumper
  4. gel if I can get some or miyata air tube if i can’t get gel or kris holm or miyata foam
    5.Gemcrest Vinyl Replacement Seat Cover for Miyata

ok that was my seat now I have my questions

1.what do i use to cut my seat foam
2.where can I get some gel to put in my seat
3.does anyone have any pictures of them cutting the foam in their saddle that a good custom seat
5.where can i get some miyata seat foam
6.where can i get some kris Holm seat foam

ok that is all my questions for now

get a KH gel seat. it is thicker than a carbon fiber seat base with lx padding. $65 plus shipping from bedford and then you just have to wait.

but yeah your custom seat is going to be good unless you want to use it for trials with an air pillow.

o. I would be doing trials with it