saddle sore!!!!

hey everybody!!!

i bought my uni about a year ago and was really enthusiastic about riding when i got it. after about 6 months of riding i had been gaining confidence and was becoming a much better rider. eventually when i could ride fluently and was intrested in other things i stopped unicycling.

i am now starting to uni again and i dont now how i stopped before, its so fun. the only problem i that has occured is saddle sore. this is a magor problem as it hurts to ride and i am going weeks without riding at all.

if anyone nows of any tips or things to help when saddle sore does occour please reply to this thread and share your knowledge.

thanks very much

What type of saddle do you have? Are you sore from chafing/rubbing or is it sore from pressure?

a KH padded saddle is good
also, i NEVER ride for more than 20 minutes w/o bike shorts (the baggy cargo kind w/ an inner liner, not the tight spandex only ones)
go to a local REI or Any Mountain or some type of outdoors or bike store, they’ll have them for sure
OR go to or Oakley makes them too (bit pricey)
good luck
u just have to ride more frequently and develop a bit of tolerance

you need one of these:

sorry, this post has no relevance to this thread. I apologize for wasting your time. now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Re: saddle sore!!!

juggling_unicyclist_joe wrote:
> hey everybody!!!
> if anyone nows of any tips or things to help when saddle sore does
> occour please reply to this thread and share your knowledge.

You need Butt’r
Probably available at a similar unicycle store near you.

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Several things.

Firstly, if everything is adjusted correctly, a large component of your discomfort is psychological. Secondly, you will never be perfectly comfortable.

Set your seat at a comfortable height. Pretty much, that’s as high as you can put it without feeling like you’re stretching for the pedals. Only lower it if you’re doing MUni or “skills” (freestyle or trials for example) in which case you won’t be sitting down for long periods anyway.

Set your seat at a comfortable angle. With a conventional seatpost, sliding the seat forwards slightly raises its nose, and many people find this a bit more comfortable.

Now, wear padded cycle shorts - and (really) don’t wear underwear underneath them. Cycle shorts have the seams and elastic in the right place. Underwear has the seams and elastic in the wrong place for unicycling.

I wear padded skin-tight shorts under padded cycling longs.

Now, get lots of miles in. Don’t stop too often. Get a rhythm going.

I find shorter cranks and a faster cadence somehow make it less painful.

You can alleviate your suffering by occasionally standing on the pedals, or by partly supporting your weight with the heel of your hand on the front of the seat (or on the handle).

With a standard Viscount saddle and no handle, at my peak, I could do 60+ minutes without excessive discomfort, and I occasionally did two hours. However, after that first burst, I tend to stop every 15 minutes or so - even more often towards the end of a long ride.

Overcoming the pain is part of the challenge. No one said it was easy.

thanks for the advice

thanks for the advice, i have recently bought a new sadd;e and it is a much more comftable ride. i am also starting uni trials so if anyone has any advice on decent unicycles or spares to buy please let me know