Saddle sore!

Started unicycling three months ago from never have been on a unicycle before to consistently riding now. Would appreciate any tips and hints about saddle sores - oh my delicate parts! Am riding a Torker LX 20" with Pearl Izumi Elite padding cycle shorts. I’ve learned that the trick is to balance weight completely on the saddle - which makes sense because that would anchor the tail bone to the ground and that’s how our body calibrates balance. But talk about sore.

Any other stories or ideas?

I would suggest considering an up grade in unicycle or parts. A KH saddle perhaps. But that may not be nessesary, depending on what type of saddle soreness. Is the soreness you are experiencing from friction with your saddle causing chaffing or just general numbness and aching?
If it is friction, maybe try some Chamois Buttr, I hear it works well, although Ive never used it. If it`s numbness, get off the uni for a bit until you get circulation back in your “delicate parts”.

If anyone has anything to add or corrections to make, please do.

Saddle sore!

When I got back into unicycling several months ago, every time I rode my thighs became chaffed and sore. I chalked it up to oldmannishness until I read on this forum that biking shorts can help. I bought some that I wear under my normal shorts and I haven’t had a single case of saddle soreness since. Try it.

The Torker saddle can be brutal. It has some very square edges and rubs inside the thighs. I replaced mine with a Nimbus gel, much better now.

Bike shorts ,as you mentioned helps a bit also.