Saddle Shocks?

Hey all, I was thinking about something and wasn’t sure if it has ever been done. Looking at a mountain bike earlier today, I was wondering if anyone has built a Muni that has shocks build into the saddle? I was thinking of the logistics of building one and it shouldn’t be THAT hard (famous last words) to build. If anyone has any info relating to a Muni with shocks or a suspension system, please let me know.

From what I have read; it has been done. However, for bumps and rough ground a unicyclist stands up off the seat, making suspension not really need. I’m sure if you search this forum, you will find quite a bit of info and ideas on suspension unicycles.

It is possible, UDC sells them.

Rock Shox

Thanks alot. I didn’t even see them on UDC. Ahh well, back to the drawing board on things to invent that will not make me rich in any way what-so-ever. Anybody in need of a lefthanded saddle handle?

The problem with seatpost shocks is that they don’t hold up very long with muni abuse. Muni puts a lot of twisting forces on the seat and the seatpost shocks aren’t designed for that. They’re designed with bike use in mind where there are very little twisting forces.

On a muni when you turn you put twisting forces on the saddle. When you pull up on the handle you put upwards and twisting forces on the saddle. When you crash the seat hits the ground (sometimes rather hard) and puts unusual forces on the seatpost. Seatpost shocks don’t deal with those forces very well. You end up needing to rebuild, or repair, or replace the seatpost shock frequently.

Telescoping seatpost shocks, like the Rock Shox and Pyramid, are also quite long. You have to be quite tall to be able to use them unmodified. Most people would need to cut them shorter, but in order to do that you have to take the seatpost apart, modify the insides so it works in a shorter space, and then put it back together. That’s a lot of work for a seatpost that is going to have a limited lifetime.

The Thudbuster seatpost shocks are an alternative. They may hold up better than the telescoping style, but they still will wear out and break due to muni abuse. You also still have to be tall enough to fit it. They also don’t move straight down. They move backwards as they compress.

The best suspension seems to be a good air pillow in the saddle. I call it air suspension.