Saddle Rock Ride Oct 13th - Pre-CaliMuniWkend

Anyone want to discuss riding on Thursday Oct 13th in Santa Barbara? That’s the day before the California Muni weekend officially starts in Santa Barbara.

Saddle Rock is the recommended ride for those interested in an advanced trail.

Here are directions…

My flight arrives at 10:30am on that day. I estimate I can start riding at this location by 2:30PM. 3PM may be more realistic to give time for unpacking the unis, etc.

Who else is planning on arriving early on Thursday? Who from the local area wants to do this ride?


I just found out that my school has fall break from Oct 7th to 16th. I was really worried whether I’d be able to make the weekend, and now I’m wicked excited that I will be able to be there. Given that I’ve got the whole week off before the event, I’d probably be up for doing a Thursday ride, if I can find a flight that gets in on time.


Re: Saddle Rock Ride Oct 13th - Pre-CaliMuniWkend

I’m losing interest in this ride. May want to do an urban ride near Venice beach instead.

Hi, Eric,

The problem with SB locals doing this ride is that there aren’t many “locals” and most will be totally swamped with organizational stuff. I also believe some folks are planning on doing Saddle Rock on Sunday.

Anyhow, I live in Venice, and a local urban ride at mid day on Thursday could be a hoot. I’m picking Ben up from the airport and we could go from there before driving up to SB. You guys decide.