Saddle Rebuilding

Hello, I have an old Norco Uni that someone gave me. The saddle is very unconforable :angry: !
So, I want to rebuild the saddle. Im thinking of using foam. The cover of that saddle is held in by clips. I think I have to open them up and then hammer them back down when im done. Also, would it be a good idea to tape a tire tube in there and make an air saddle? I’ve heard about this being done.

Also, can i use standard crap bike pedals on my uni? The pedals are crap and they are falling apart.

why not just buy an air saddle? Go ahead and use what ever type pedals on your uni…as long as they fit

What kind (brand) of saddle do you have? Can you find it anywhere on here?
Does it look anything like this?


Yes, that is it! Only mine is much more damaged :stuck_out_tongue:

Another question, anyone ever heard of trace unicycles?

It’s not worth rebulding. That saddle is evil. It’s a bad design. It is very uncomfortable. The metal plate underneath can literally cut your legs. The padding used gives no support. It’s one of the worst unicycle saddles.

Best option is to buy a new saddle. Unfortunately you’ll also need a new seatpost cause the seatpost used with the Savage won’t fit any other saddles. So you’ll end up spending about $30 - $50 or more on a new saddle and seatpost.

A new Torker LX is about $75 on eBay plus S&H. And it’ll come with new pedals and a good seat. Could be worth it when you consider the upgrade cost for your current unicycle.

If you really must fix up the old seat you can use several layers of carpet pad foam. Cut it to fit. When you take the seat apart put a couple layers of tape over the edges of the metal seat base to protect your legs from getting cut. Put it all back together. You should be able to pry open the clips using a screwdriver.

Thanks for the help.
I think im going to buy a new seat/post. There is a local store that sells unicycles, so im hoping that they sell seats/posts also! If not, I might order from Bedford or something, I’m in Canada, and the shipping fees are crazy!

Maybe I will rebuild it for fun? :roll_eyes:
Or not, I want a new one! Any recomendations? (I have no clue what I can and will get)

Also, Im considering getting a new Uni later on this year. Im thinking of using the norco as a crappy road uni and buying a nice new MUni!

Any saddle will be better than what you’ve got. :slight_smile:

You’ll have to pay attention to seatpost diameter. You’ve probably got a 22.2mm (same as 7/8") diameter seatpost. Some unicycles, like the Torkers, are now coming with 25.4mm (same as 1") seatposts. So you’ll need to make sure you get the correct diameter seatpost for your uni. You’ll just have to see what the bike shop has and if they have any of the right size.

The only other seat to avoid would be this one for the Torker CX. It’s a small saddle. It’s fine for 7 year olds but too small for teens and adults. The other Torker saddles are all fine (for the LX and DX).

Any of the Kris Holm or Velo saddles or look-alikes are good.

The Viscount saddle has a good shape but it rather firm and gets uncomfortable for longer rides. But if you’re not sitting on it for an hour or more at a time it’s a fine saddle and one of the lower cost options.

semi-off-topic, but how do the bolt patterns compare for Kris Holm, torker lx, dx, velo and vicount seats? I’m pretty sure that they are not all compatable to the same seatposts, but I’m not sure which ones fit what.

There are 2 main bolt patterns for unicycle seats.

  1. Standard 4-bolt pillar bracket: Kris Holm, Velo, Torker DX, Schwinn, Torker CX, Viscount, Semcycle.

  2. Miyata style: Miyata, Torker LX.

Basically, if it doesn’t fit a Miyata seatpost, it’ll fit a standard 4-bolt.

The torker TX also falls in to that second group.

I have the same seat: it sucks.
My opperlegs are very wounded because the seat is sharp at the edges. :angry:
Sorry about the crappy Englisch