saddle questions

For xmas my lovely wife bought me a 20" torker cx to learn on and with the handful of times ive ridden it the saddle is a pain. If anyone could give me some good saddle suggestions id really appreciate it. im a little on the heavy side at 225 pounds if that matters.

The CX uses the standard mounting bracket for its saddle so most saddles out there will fit.

Almost any saddle would be an upgrade. KH Fusion Freeride is probably the most comfortable saddle out there for general riding right now with its contoured and grooved foam, wide base and removable cover for easy modification but it costs about as much as your CX.

The Nimbus Gell uses the same base and is slightly cheeper.

It does matter. Since becoming a Muni addict at the end of January I’ve gone from 240 to 219 and life in the saddle, and my Troy Lee shorts, has got a lot more comfortable.

When I got my first cheap starter uni a couple of years ago the first thing I did was to exchange the saddle for a Kris Holm Fusion freeride - I chose it for the reviews and because it was on special offer at - I’ve not tried any others, but I have no complaints.

kh fusion or street. nimbus gel isn’t too comfortable.

but then again, it’s really all bout personal preference. i liked the old skoool saddles, with like 1" of foam.

from renagade you can get koxx saddle for 30$

Sounds like everyone loves the kh fusion. I think when I get some dough Ser aside I’ll get it but then my seat will have cost almost as much as my unicycle. I’m after comfort because I want to learn. Right now ten minutes or so each night feels like a small

The saddle is the most important part of the unicycle. Getting a good saddle is a good investment if you are going to stick with unicycling. When you decide to upgrade your unicycle you can swap the seat over to that one.

you mean the old KH fusion? : ) I acquired one of those a while back through a trade. Never really used it, but thought about putting it on the 36er to cruise campus with. It practically looks new : ) maybe worth big bucks one day to a collector right? ; P . . . or not.

Try altering the angle of your saddle. The Nimbus gel on my uni was killing me, and I had it angled to get the nose as low as possible, thinking that would reduce the abuse on my privates. The guy at the uni shop suggested that the discomfort was from sliding forward because of how I had the seat angled. So I went to the other extreme (angled up in the front), and now it’s MUCH more comfortable, as my weight is more on my butt.

Last question for now. What vendor is good to order from?

I use, always been great on the phone and fast deliveries - depends where you are in the world. They have sites in a fair few countries

To answer that we need to know what country you live in…

Go on, and select your country.

USA northern California
I’ll check out

or use google shopping. I use it a lot and find it works very well. Even for obscure uni related stuff!

Has anyone tried the nimbus hi top?

That’ll just put you in an infinite loop. :roll_eyes:

Nimbus High Top is pretty much the same thing as the Torker DX saddle and the old (2006?) KH freeride saddle.

The foam is quite stiff (which I like) but you really need to carve it down to get it comfortable. The base is not as stiff as the current Nimbus and KH saddles, nor is it as wide in the back.

If you like modifying things and tinkering with your unicycles they can make a good comfortable seat for relatively cheap.

can someone put up a good foam shape or a 2007 torker dx seat.

I cut down my Coker seat (pretty sure it’s the same as the saddle discussed by Sask.) using a KH Freeride saddle as a guide, including the cutaway down the middle. After using various tools, I found a basic cutter on a Dremel rotary tool worked well. A power bread knife might be better for larger smooth cuts. Anyhow, I really like the result, except for the less stiff seat base.