Saddle question

OK so last 2 yrs ago I got my first uni, a little training thing with a dinky little saddle, so I bought a big comfy KH saddle and installed it. The next Christmas I got a new uni, a lot nicer numbus, with a street saddle, so I swapped seats from the unis, now that I’m learning the unispins and those kind of things, I don’t know if I should just put the street saddle back on, because it’s tinier, or keep the big muni saddle? Anyone have suggestions? :thinking:

Buy a KH fusion Street ?

Actually you could wait for the new saddle to come
out, Jerrick said that its going to be realy good.
Just use your old nimbus till then sells a slimmer Kris Holm saddle that addresses your specific concern. It is supposed to be easier to do a lot of the “street” tricks. I have personally not used this specific saddle.

I have the regular KH freeride saddle and love it, but I can see how it could get in the way for some tricks.

I did install a Nimbus gel saddle (also from on a giraffe. It also has a slim profile that makes freemounting easier (not that I have exactly mastered giraffe freemouting :stuck_out_tongue: yet…)

that is a stupid thing to say … this person already has a street saddle… read what he wrote… the nimbus street is a reasonable seat, and will work fine without spending another $50 for a KH seat (which i don’t like anyways).

Sorry i think i was just fantasizeing
about what i wanted. I guess its a better idea to keep
what youve got for now.

OK, so uh, does anyone have an answer to my question?

Iv’e tried the Kris Holm gel saddle for a while and it was ok but it gets a bit uncomfy after a while. Iv’e got the slim foam one with a comfort groove currently and it seems to be comfier that the gel saddle.

Personally I’d just stick with the thick saddle because it is the comfiest although Iv’e never tried unispins with a thick saddle.

Use the seat that came with your nimbus, until the new KH seat comes out and if you want, get that. But until then stick with the nimbus seat… its cheaper!

For street id definately go with the thinner seat over the thicker one. I just saw the KH Fusion Seat though and its pretty nice. I didn’t have enough money for it (just bought some cranks). Money’s hard to come by :(.

I wouldnt chance waiting. Im not positive if its going to be coming out soon with the rest of the stuff, or if they will be worked on more and released later.

OK, thanks for all the replies guys, I just switched the saddle anyway today just about an hour ago.

Dude does it really matter? (this is directed towards the guy trying to get his uni spins in line) it is not like you spend your time on the saddle for a uni spin.