Saddle out

Hi, I’v recently got a grip of hopping, and was wanting to work up to jumping and to all the other cool stuff that saddle out can lead to (Impossible wheel etc.). I can’t seem to keep my balance though - is it a case of keep trying, or am I missing something - I’ve been told to have the saddle held in tight to my body, but I have it set quite low for hopping and hence it impedes leg movement if I bring it in tight, is this a case of raise the saddle you dumb ass?



Re: Saddle out

Raise the saddle you dumbass.
No, I mean, try this:
Click on the seat front hopping one. It’s Kris talking about it. Then, once you can do it with balance, try this:
Click on How To Jump High.


hi ryan

thx for your really cool how-to video … it will take me some time 'til I try this stuff but the video is really helpful.

thx werner

Whoa! If Potter can pull of pretending to be Ryan Atkins, can I be Dan Heaton?

  • Zachary

P.S. Does it come with any special powers Potter?

And I want to be John Childs. One of the Profile-killers.

Heehee, yep, that’s me. Ryan Atkins. The one you all envy, because I’m such a better unicyclist than you. Except for Kris Holm. And, of course, the real Ryan Atkins.