saddle: KH vs. Nimbus

Hi guys. Since I’ve broke up my saddle (I do freestyle), I am now about to buy a new one. Since the price of the two (KH fusion freeride and Nimbus gel) are similar, I’d like to know your opinion, especially on:


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Well, what saddle did you have before?
I had a nimbus saddle and it felt alright, but sometimes uncomfortable.
I tried a KH which was much better for the general male region :wink:
If you really want a lightweight saddle and have some money get the impact with a CF base, or any saddle with a CF base really
out of those two, go KH
but i’d put the impact saddle over both of them in this instance :slight_smile:

Get a CF base and then a kh foam and cover. You will never have to buy another saddle again.
A CF base will make your unicycle feel so much better and its much more responsive with the movements of your body

I think for freestyle you don’t want a nimbus saddle cause they’re fat. But I don’t ride freestyle so I don’t know really.

Hi guys,
thanks for reply.
I used to have a nimbus gel 'til now, and I’m feeling good, no problems, and I like the bit of fat (just can’t stand miyata and such)

I like the impact saddle, but it’s only white and black… I know it’s stupid, but I like my red-black =D
So, you all would say KH ftw. I can’t get to find the weight of both, but I’ll keep your opinions in consideration.

Thanks =)

Get the impact saddle and a red KH 2009 or older cover and slip that on. You could also get on of the newer K1 saddles (which are just the same as the old ones but, a bit thinner and have a nicer fabric) and get the red and black one which is called the “original”.