saddle, hub,cranks, seat post

I am collecting parts for a couple of unicycle projects that need to be compleeted.
I need a used saddle, I like the old Fusion /free ride, or ?
I need a 27.2 seatpost.
Isis cranks.
Looking for a used or broken ti hub.
Seat foam by itself? Or maybe a cheap seat I can take the foam and cover from?

Thanks in advance.



I have a non-ti hub for sale here.


Fusion / free ride and seatpost on the way. I still need a used or broken titanium hub to experament with.


I have a Kris Holm Fusion Air saddle that fills with air if you are interested.


What do you want for the air saddle?


It’s in pretty good condition aside from a few scratches. I can post pictures later. Probably 40+ ship from Michigan.


Sounds good

Saddle pictures

Sorry for the delay. These are pictures of the Kris Holm Fusion Air Saddle. It inflates with air the same way you inflate an inner tube. Email me at if you still want it. I also have some Nimbus gel saddles. I saw you mentioned in the description you wanted foam and/or saddle covers.

WIN_20170125_21_29_06_Pro (3).jpg

WIN_20170125_21_29_56_Pro (2).jpg


Send me a paypal request for the saddle if you are ready to sell it … Jon


I still need a set of used Moment cranks shorter than 150s if anyone has a set to part with