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I’ve juste discover the unicyclist internet community and i find it
really great. I enjoy watching videos of the tricks i could learn
mastered by more experienced unicyclist.

I don’t really know if my saddle is well adjusted for me. To normal
ride, it’s comfortable. But i don’t know if i am supposed to hop easily
with that. Is there a simple way to adjust it or do i have just to try
what i like (i would have to cut partially the saddle metallic tube in
order to put it a little bit down) ?

Thanks for your answers and sorry for the lack of english vocabulary.

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i started with my seat at comfortable cruising height, but to get more height out of your jumps, you’ll want to lower it
you can either hacksaw it off (not reccomended by me, it’s not as neat) or use a pipe/tube cutter available at a local hardware store
take off in small increments to avoid getting it too low

for ompitmal pedaling power, when sitiing on the seat and the crank in the 12 and 6 position, your heel should easily touch the pedal. For muni, I normally put the seat about an inch lower and for trials, i run it 2in lower than the base.

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Re: Saddle hight

On Wed, 6 Apr 2005 14:46:22 -0500, “DK” wrote:

>muni, I normally put the seat about an inch lower and for trials, i run
>it 2in lower than the base.
I think many people lower their seat more than that. Try those values
first though and see how you like it.

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That looks an an order, but accessing this unicycling community via
Usenet (newsgroups) is fine as well - in fact it has some advantages.
I do that myself too.

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If your doing trials you want your seat high. but for street you want it low. if your going to do trials learn how to hop with the seat out. you can hop higher and you have more control.