saddle for long rides

Hi, i’ve been riding for a bit more than a year now with a 10 year old french-bought unicycle on a “KH saddle”. I bought a few months ago a 28" handmade uni but the saddle is the one I got from the other uni and it just makes smashed potatos out of my KH saddle accustomed butocks. So I wanta buy a new saddle but don’t know which one to choose. I was thinking about the Nimbus Gel, what do you guys suggest? I read on the list about a 36" with a Nimbus Gel with a T7 handlebar which had a good review but the handlebar is way out of my budget, so would it still be a good saddle option? (I do not intend to have 80km rides on it, but, at least, 5km would sound good)

thanks so much.

i really like my KH fusion freeride, there are my thoughts and some more opinions on it here

I find any of the typical ‘Velo’ saddles, i.e. as used by Koxx One and Nimbus for their saddles are pretty comfortable.

The recent KH Fusion Freeride saddle is so damn comfortable for distance/muni type riding when I had a go on a 24". However, whatever you do, don’t get the Fusion Street saddle for distance related riding… it is the most uncomfortable saddle for normal riding I’ve ever used, the shape is great for SIF hopping, but for sitting down it’s really awkward as it’s got a straighter less curved profile than other saddles.

uhm i agree with sponge,

nimbus gel is nice, although havent ridden it for too long, btu it felt alot like my koxx saddle, and i like that one alot. But the fusion freeride is supposed to be nice. Just dont get the fusion street - cause i know its supposed to be nice cause its so thin, but i do think kh went a bit too thin, and so now its really uncomfortable for just riding on for 5 minutes.

I’d like to give my vote to the Nimbus Gel saddle too. I’ve got one on my 29er, and one on my 36er, and between them I’ve clocked up a few thousand kms, with hardly any discomfort. (Underwear/short choice is the biggest factor for comfort these days).

If your unicycle is an unknown handmade thing, then you will need to check that your current seat post has the ‘standard’ 4 bolt pattern to fix it to. Otherwise you’ll need an adapter on what you’ve already got, or maybe a new seatpost. And if you’re geting a new seat post, you may as well get a rail type one (and rail adapter, of course). Oh, and rather than get a rail adapter, you may as well get the T7 handle instead. It’s worth it!


Miyata standard saddle and gritted teeth.

I find the KH too soft and it chafes. The Viscount is OK, but heavy and poorly made. The gel saddle I have is not exceptional. Distance bicyclists don’t have soft saddles, they have properly shaped ones.

My longest ever ride was on a Miyata. I wore Lycra legggings with a double seat, and (turn away, ladies:o , and Cathwood;) ) no underwear :astonished: .