saddle foam ripped apart? can you buy it by itself?

ok, so my little brother decided that it would be cool to sit on my seat foam even though i told him not to touch it.

so anyways, its ripped in half, im mad, how do you glue it back together? my only thoughts are contact cement, but idk about that.

can you buy the foam from anywhere?

My foam is about half an inch thick, it ripped in half so I ductaped it. It holds fine.

You can buy the crappy miyata style foam separate (the carpet padding stuff) but not the Kh kind. I asked Kris about it at CMW and he said due to the way that it is formed around the base, he couldn’t sell it separate. He said if he shaped the foam in a different way so it could be sold separate then it would be around the same amount of money as the whole seat.

just ride without a pad

What kind of seat is it? What kind of riding is it for (trials, muni, distance)?

Some people switch to an air seat setup and end up with extra seat foam laying around. UDC and Bedford also do air seat upgrades an may have extra foam laying around. So ask here or in the trading post forum to see who might have the kind of foam you’re after and be willing to sell it. Also ask UDC and Bedford.

it is a DX seat.
i would really like the new KH foam or gel?
I can get a new seat just like it without my mods for $20 at the bike shop (yeah yeah I know…)
on the thought though, i was going to thin it down (with a hacksaw maybe)
and mod it to be more like the KH seat (with styrofoam)

riding for trials/street, but I do pretty long sessions w/ few to no breaks.

what If I cut into the BOTTOM of the foam instead of the top?

the whole bottom lip is messed up.

That would work. I prefer cutting the bottom of the KH foam rather than the top. If you cut and discard the bottom part the top still keeps its shape and its the shape that adds comfort to the saddle. Use a serrated bread knife (preferably an electric one) to cut the foam. A serrated knife will do better than a hacksaw.

Another option would be to find an old Viscount seat and use the foam from that. You may be able to find an unwanted Viscount seat considering most people have switched to the KH/Velo seat now. I use the foam from an old Viscount seat in my trials uni and have been considering doing the same for my freestyle uni. The Viscount foam is surprisingly comfortable for a thin trials or freestyle saddle. The Viscount foam will be too long for the seat base so you’ll have to cut it down, but otherwise it fits well and is nicely contoured.

On the other hand, getting a replacement Velo saddle for $20 is a good deal.

some flatpacks from places like ikea have foam in them. cut it so size like i did for my kh…or go to a craft/sewing place, they usually have foam.

off topic but how is the foam attached to the base?

sometimes it isnt, sometimes it is glued and sometimes it is taped.

My foam aint attached in anyway to my saddle

dude, just make your brother buy you a kh street. you told him not to sit on it and he did, it’s his fault. just wait for his birthday if he doesn’t have the money now and then when he’s about to pocket it remind him of this incident.

he is 9, he doesn’t have the $
but idk
the foam is shaped to go over the sides of the saddle, and thats all messed up too, so i really need to cut it out and trim the overhang stuff, and it will fix a few my problem of having a torn/messed up seatcover. i already used contact cement(rubber cement) on it.

and its taped on, but also molded on. there are little indents in the seat that have foam firmly attached. it was also contact cemented to the seatcover, but that apparently wore off pretty quick.

if I get the new seat (im most likely going to) i will put the homemade seat stiffener on it w/ some stainless bolts, but im going to attempt to fix my seat first.
I need new foam anyways because I am making another saddle out of fiberglass.