saddle dilema

my problem however is that i want a new seat for my trials uni, its currently got a viscount with a reeder handle, which is great for trials but i don’t like having to ride it to the skatepark.

and i have a velo sadle with a handle.
and i want a velo freestlye (no handle) seat for my freestyle uni. but i’m loath to cut the handle off the velo, or spend cash on a new saddle thats essentialy the same.

unfortunatly you can’t put a regular reeder on a velo either.

any suggestions?

buy an ultimate wheel. Sorry, that isn’t very constructive. Ummm, buy another uni. I find that fixes most of my problems.

Rather than a seat dilemma, could it not be seen as a transportation dilemma? Comfy seat or not, I find there are more efficient, quicker ways of getting to your trials playgrounds of choice.


Re: saddle dilema … shameless plug, kind of

I’m not sure I entirely understand your dilemma.

I would concur with Phil that you might have a transportation problem. I have rarely ridden my Tuni farther than I otherwise could have thrown it. It’s not uncommon for me to ride my 24" Muni (or on occasion a Coker) with my Tuni slung over my shoulder.

About the handle/no handle thing. If you only ride freestyle once in a while (as I do), you could just unbolt your handle for those sessions. Not ideal, but atleast you’re not butchering a new handle.

Velo/Reeder compatability is in the works, I posted this earlier this year:

The handle as pictured is a prototype which I have been testing for about a month. So far so good, so production could be in the semi-near future.