Saddle cover/scuff gaurd(dont know if name is right)

I broke the rear bumper on the back of my nimbus saddle. what are some good cheap replacments.

ps. the front handle is fine
How’d you break it?

He’s just such a great rider. obviously :stuck_out_tongue: hehe

well me and some friends were riding trials and my uni fell out from behind me then i looked down and the rear bumper was cracked in half and lyin on the ground. the weird thing is that it was a new saddle, only one week riding it:(

That blows. I’d just duct tape it personally, but that is the replacement part you would want. I never thought the bumper was that important, if you want it to look nice you could use Epoxy maybe.

i did that. but it keeps falling off. i would just ignore it but now my seat cover is coming off where it was protected by the bumper

Yeah, if that’s the case I might replace it. Might

Yeah, the new handles and bumpers on the kh seats seem to be defective.

just my luck… :angry: