Saddle: Anything more comfortable than my current crotch burner

Hello Unicycling Community!

I just bought myself a no name 29er with a flexy U shaped seat for $70. This is my first foray into unicycling since I was in high school seven years ago. After cruising around town and then riding down one of our awesome local trails (I live in Missoula, MT), I am in the market for a saddle that can offer more comfort than the cheap thing I have now. So if you have an extra you are willing to part with please let me know. I had forgotten how much I love unicycling. I had also forgotten how painful it can be. Please shoot me a price and a picture.


Check the diameter of your current seat post before buying anything. I just bought the Nimbus Stadium saddle. I have it installed with a Nimbus Shadow Handle. If you’re committed to doing distance and improving your unicycling skills, I recommend getting some sort of handle. After using both the KH T-bar and the Nimbus Shadow, I prefer the Shadow because it is more rigid (it’s heavier, but that’s a compromise I’m willing to take). The new Stadium saddle is firmer than previous saddles. I went on a couple long-ish rides with the Shadow/Stadium setup, and I had no problems with chafing.

great tip

Will do, thanks for the tips. I do plan on getting a handle but will build this muni with limited finances so one step at a time.

There are rail seats which are like conventional bike seats with post clamping onto the rails. Otherwise there systems where the post bolts directly to the seat base. These come with two common patterns so you need the one that matches the post or a new post too.

This page describes how to tell the bolt patterns among the descriptions and show a wide range of seats.


The seatpost bolts directly to the seat. I would love to buy a Nimbus Stadium but, for now, I just don’t have the money. At some point I hope to upgrade the whole muni (I am so hooked), but until then I would love to buy a reasonably comfortable used saddle. Thanks!

Bought a new saddle

I went ahead and just bought a new saddle and some kh percussion pads. After wrecking hard yesterday the piece of mind will be worth it.