saddle angle on the 36

I ride a numbus impulse 36" and I’m having some difficulties with my saddle’s angle, but not the front or back incline. It seems that my saddle is kind of unbalanced sideways. When I’m ridding it feels like when we’re going through those streets with a huge draining incline, you know, and your upper part of the body has to compensate that angle to stay on top of the uni.

I don’t know if you guys got it. Anyway, it’s really hard to ride. I’ve tried installing some extra bolt spacers to “correct” the angle of the saddle, but it didn’t work. So I don’t know if the saddle isn’t good after two years of crashes and traveling or if my body os not lined up….

Road camber.

A few things that can help…lots of suggestions on here already with some searching too.

-Check your saddle to make sure it’s straight. A twisted saddle can make the problem worse (in my experience)
-Check that your tire pressure is high enough, try adding a few PSI
-If you’re nightrider tire is old, it will start to flatten in the middle from wear. I have found that an excessively worn tire, or an old tire with a weaker sidewall will have a similar effect in making camber much worse to deal with.

One way to counter the effect if none of that worked is to put more weight on the foot that’s on the high side of the cambered road. Similar to when you start turning on the unicycle, this will pull the uni towards that direction thus fighting the effect of the wheel to veer downward.

In the end, a heavily cambered road is just going to be hard to ride on regardless. If you can find a neighborhood with a heavy camber, ride on both sides of the road and see if you’re still feeling the same pull on both sides, that would lead me to believe it’s something with your wheel. If the effect reverses side, then it’s a riding technique to develop.

I imagine it could be a damaged saddle, and most of my KH ones are at least not perfectly straight when installed, but darn close. If the saddle is visibly tilted to one side or the other, you could consider trying another saddle, but if you could, I would snag one from another unicycle to be sure before buying another one.

thanks a lot for the tips. i had just arrived form the first saddle tryout. it seems that part of the problem is really my old kh saddle. and it seems that I’m the other part of the problem. I usually try ridding at the left side of the street. it helps a lot, but sometimes it’s impossible. Next friday I’ll give it another try with another saddle. Lets see what happens.

I get that too, but I’m pretty sure it’s just the road camber doing it. I’ve noticed that my tyre is wearing more on the side facing the center of the road (the right side in my case).

The feeling of riding sideways gets much worse at the end of a long ride when I’m tired. Sometimes if it gets really bad jumping off and remounting helps to reset my brain.

it happens to me as well.

It only makes it a better work out… yesterday I did 9 miles on the 36er with the Qu Ax 11, on the trail with camber and throw in for the pleasures of 20mph crosswinds, which further exaggerates the camber, maybe by double or triple. It knocked my speed down to maybe a medium walking speed. It might sound wierd but for the first time, I actually learned to relax in the wind , instead of using limited excessive energy in fighting it so miserably, so that helped me finished it. I figured, as long as the wind doesnt knock me over, Id be ok, even if its slow as turtle:p